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Malia Village                                                Photo ©

The Cyprus Village Index offers our visitors a comprehensive guide to the articles we publish in our Villages Of Cyprus feature.

The Villages Of Cyprus feature has become one of the largest information databases on Cyprus villages, and this is reflected by the large number of daily users visiting the index.

We are actively researching and adding more villages on a regular basis to the index, helping our users explore the varied style, culture and traditions that Cyprus villages have to offer..

The Cyprus Village Index is listed alphabetically to make choosing a village article very easy.

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60 Village

Agia Marina Village

Agia Varvara Village

Agioi Trimithias Village

Agioi Vavatsinias Village

Agios Amvrosios Village

Agios Athanasios Village

Agios Dimitrianos Village

Agios Fotios Village

Agios Georgios Village

Agios Ioannis (Pitsilias) Village

Agios Ioannis Village

Agios Konstantinos Village

Agios Mamas Village

Agios Nikolaos Village

Agios Pavlos Village

Agios Theodoros (Pitsilias) Village

Agios Theodoros Village

Agios Therapon Village

Agios Thomas Village

Agros Village

Akapnou Village

Akoursos Village

Alampra Village

Alektora Village

Alona Village

Amargeti Village

Amiantos Village

Androlikou Village

Anogyra Village

Apesia Village

Apsiou Village

Arakapas Village

Archimandrita Village

Arminou Village

Arsos Village

Asgata Village

Askas Village

Asprogia Village

Avdellero Village

Avdimou Village

Axylou Village

Choirokoitia Village

Choletria Village

Choli Village

Choulou Village

Chrysochou Village

Dhoros Village

Dierona Village

Dora Village

Drinia Village

Drouseia Village

Eledio Village

Episkopeio Village

Episkopi Village In Paphos

Eptagonia Village

Evretou Village

Evrychou Village

Faleia Village

Farmakas Village

Fasoula Village

Fikardou Village

Filousa Village

Flasou Village

Fterikoudi Village

Galata Village

Galataria Village

Gerasa Village

Gerovasa Village

Giolou Village

Goudi Village

Gourri Village

Ineia Village

Kakopetria Village

Kalavasos Village

Kallepia Village

Kalo Chorio Village

Kalopanayiotis Village

Kantou Village

Kapileio Village

Kathikas Village

Kato Archimandrita Village

Kato Arodes Village

Kato Drys Village

Kato Moni Village

Kato Mylos Village

Kedares Village

Kellaki Village

Kelokedara Village

Kidasi Village

Kissousa Village

Klirou Village

Klonari Village

Koilani Village

Koilineia Village

Kolossi Village

Konia Village

Korakou Village

Kouka Village

Kouklia Village

Kourdaka Village

Kourdali Village

Kritou Marottou Village

Kritou Terra Village

Kyperounta Village

Lageia Village

Lagoudera Village

Lania Village

Lazania Village

Lefkara Village

Leivadia Village

Lemithou Village

Lemona Village

Letymbou Village

Limnatis Village

Lofou Village

Louvaras Village

Lysos Village

Malia Village

Mandria Village

Maroni Village

Mathikoloni Village

Melini Village

Mesana Village

Milia Village

Miliou Village

Mitsero Village

Monagri Village

Moniatis Village

Mousere Village

Nata Village

Neo Chorio Village

Nikokleia Village

Odou Village

Oikos Village

Old Korfi Village

Omodos Village

Ora Village

Orounta Village

Pachna Village

Pachyammos Village

Palaichori Village

Panagia Village

Pano Arodes Village

Pano Pyrgos Village

Paramali Village

Paramali Village (Abandoned)

Pedoulas Village

Pelathousa Village

Pelendri Village

Pentalia Village

Pera Orinis Village

Pera Pedi Village

Peristerona Village In Paphos

Phini Village

Phyti Village

Pissouri Village

Pitargou Village

Platanistasa Village

Platanisteia Village

Polemi Village

Polystypos Village

Pomos Village

Potamiou Village

Potamitissa Village

Praitori Village

Prasteio Kellakiou Village

Prastio Avdimou Village

Prodromos Village

Psematismenos Village

Pyrga Village

Salamiou Village

Sanida Village

Silikou Village

Simou Village

Skarinou Village

Skoulli Village

Sotira Village

Souskiou Village

Spilia Village

Spitali Village

Statos Village

Stavrokonnou Village

Steni Village

Stroumbi Village

Sykopetra Village

Temvria Village

Terra Village

Theletra Village

Tochni Village

Trachypedoula Village

Treis Elies Village

Trimiklini Village

Trozena Village

Vasa Kellakiou Village

Vasa Koilaniou Village

Vavatsinia Village

Vavla Village

Vikla Village

Vouni Village

Vretsia Village

Xyliatos Village

Yermasoyia Village