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Information on the Kataklysmos Festival in Cyprus

Yermasoyia Village                                                        Photo ©

Kataklysmos, also known as the Flood Festival, is unique to Cyprus. 

It is a very popular religious festival celebrated all over the island.

History dictates the reason the flood occurred, which wiped out all living creatures, was to allow a new generation of creatures to be born, with new morals.

The festival has a water theme and is evident during the celebrations, which include swimming competitions and the throwing of water at each other. The reason for throwing the water, means that by being doused in water, you are cleansing the body and soul.

One of the highlights of the festival is when a priest throws a cross into the sea and people have a swimming race competition to retrieve it.

Celebrations are mostly held in the coastal regions of Larnaca, Limassol, Agia Napa, Paralimni, Paphos and Polis.