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Cyprus Independence Day

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Information on Cyprus Independence Day

Tochni Village                                            Photo ©

On the 19th February 1959, following a conference in London attended by the representatives of Greece, Turkey, Briton and the 2 Cypriot communities, an agreement was signed, leading to the independence of Cyprus.

Archbishop Makarios was allowed to attend and he managed to whittle down the territories demanded by Britain, from 160 to 99 square miles, almost 3% of the island, which Britain has kept to this day. In the agreement, Britain kept various sites, overflying rights and various rights of passage.

A constitution was drafted and Cyprus was proclaimed an independent state on 16 August 1960, when at an official ceremony at the House of Representatives in Nicosia, the last British Governor, Sir Hugh Foot, transferred power to President Archbishop Makarios, in the presence of the Vice President, Dr Fazil Kutchuk.

It was subsequently decided by the Council of Ministers on 11 July 1963, that Independence Day will be celebrated on 01 October.

Cyprus Independence Day is a public holiday with many government offices closed.