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Cyprus Property Searches

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Information on obtaining Cyprus property search certificates

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Law Cap.224, Section 51A

Under section 51A of the Law Cap.224, the Director of the Department of Lands & Surveys may provide any interested person with any information recorded in the Land Register or in any other file or book kept with any District Lands Office, current or previous, including, among others, the history of each property or all immovable properties of each owner and a very wide range of information for each property and every transaction affecting thereof. It also allows the inspection of files or other documents by "interested persons" in the presence of an officer of the Department.


A search certificate is issued only after the respective application has been filed and the prescribed fees have been paid to the Department of Lands and Surveys. The application is filed on Form N.50 with any District Lands Office.

Persons qualified to file an application

Only an "interested person" or his/her agent or attorney may file an application to be issued a "search certificate"

"Interested persons" means the owner of the property, his heirs, devisees and legatees, the owner of any trees, buildings or other objects on the land which belongs to another and vice versa, the person entitled to any right or interest in the immovable property, who satisfies the Director that he is a prospective purchaser or mortgagor, the plaintiff in any action against the owner of such property, the professional valuer who may require certain information for purposes of evaluating certain immovable property in a case relating to compulsory acquisition and includes any person not thus specified to whom the Director may specifically order that any information be furnished".

The following persons are to this day specified as "interested persons": Land Surveyors, members of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, Estate Agents, the Director of the Council for Registration and Control of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, spouses or former spouses, banking institutions, owners of adjacent properties, accountants or auditors and persons that have in their favour a decision/order of the Court regarding the property of the defendant.


The fees payable to the Department of Lands & Surveys vary and depend on the information requested by each applicant.

Issue of Search Certificate

Search certificates are issued on Form N.51 by the Lands Office of the District where the record or the book containing the information is kept. They are signed and stamped with the seal of the Department and delivered or posted to the applicant.

The time required for the processing of the application: 1-30 days depending on the type of information requested.


At the time of filing of any application for the issue of a search certificate, all applicants are advised to produce their identity card and give the particulars of the property for which the information is requested as well as provide any documents proving that they are "interested persons" (e.g. certificate of registration, certificate of death and heirs etc). Where the information requested concerns the properties of a specific person, full particulars of his name, place of origin, full address and whenever possible, his identity number should be given.

Source Department Of Land And Surveys