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Registration Of Cyprus Properties In Undivided Shares

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Information on registration of undivided property shares

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Any immovable property consisting of one or more plots and held by two or more persons in undivided shares may be partitioned upon agreement reached between all co-owners.

The partition, either by division of the plots in smaller parts, without a breach of the provisions for minimum extends provided by the Law, or by partition of the whole plot, may be registered in their names with the Department of Lands & Surveys which shall issue a separate title to each co-owner for the property or part of the property allocated to him/her.

For registration purposes an agreement in writing shall be required, which may be lodged with the Lands Office of the District where the properties are situated or any other District Lands Office. Such application must be signed by all co-owners or their agents requesting the registration of the properties as per the agreement reached between the parties. The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

Certificates of registration (titles) of the properties.

Agreement of partition made in writing and signed by all the registered co- owners whose signatures must be certified.

Written consents obtained from any mortgagee or other creditors in whose favour an encumbrance operates.

Cadastral plan indicating the division of any parcel under partition signed by all co- owners.

All prescribed fees are paid upon filing of the application with the Department of Lands & Surveys.

Time required for completion of the procedure

Where the agreement does not provide for the division of any plot and the titles are based on any plans in use, the application shall be processed without any local enquiry within a short period (six months). Where the agreement provides for a subdivision of one or more immovable properties and a local enquiry is required, the processing of the application takes more time as other factors need to be taken into account. In both cases as aforesaid the time of completion varies according to the particularity of each case, the accumulated volume of work and the available personnel.

Source Department Of Land And Surveys