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Division Of Cyprus Agricultural Land

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Information on the division of Cyprus agricultural land

Vouni Village                                              Photo ©

The division of agricultural land is possible, where each one of the new plots, proposed to be created, have (as the case may be) the extent given below.

Not less than 1.338 square metres for plantations (i.e. land completely covered with trees planted in a standard alignment and in the crop bearing stage), vines, gardens (orchards), forests (e.g. pine forests), land irrigated by a perennial or seasonal source of water and land capable of being irrigated by a perennial source of water (irrigable land is an expanse of land connected to the public water works regardless of whether it receives or not irrigation).

Not less than 2.676 square metres for land capable of being irrigated by a seasonal source of water.

Not less than 6.689 square metres for dry land.

The minimum extent for the new plots in areas where consolidation has been completed upon division of any land, is the double of the extent mentioned above. The Head of the Land Consolidation Department may determine with a notice published in the Official Gazette of the Republic that the minimum extents referred to in the abovementioned paragraphs shall apply also for specified consolidated areas.

In addition to the above requirements, every new plot should and may be properly and conveniently held and enjoyed as a separate and self-contained tenement.

Procedure – Forms

The owner of the land, whose division is requested, must file an application with any District Lands Office regardless of the District where the property is situated.

The application must include the name, address, and identity card number of the applicant and/or of any other person in whose name the property is to be registered and it must be accompanied by the following documents:

Application in writing.

Certificate of registration of the property.

Certificate from the Community Council of the village or quarter within the boundary limits of which the property is situated mentioning whether the property is planted with trees, is irrigated or is capable of being irrigated. Where the property is supplied with irrigation by an Irrigation Division the applicant must attach the relevant certificate. Where such property is irrigated from a well or borehole, a permit to dig and draw water from the well or borehole must be attached to the application.

A cadastral plan must accompany the permit, on which the position of the well or borehole is marked,

Sketch or plan indicating the division (if any).

Statement of distribution (if any).

Official cadastral plan.

The application is accepted upon payment of the prescribed fees at any District Lands Office.

After a local enquiry carried out in the presence of the interested parties, notified in advance of such enquiry, the Director shall approve the division.

The file is then sent to the Surveying Branch for surveying and drawing. The positions of the land marks shall be pointed out by the Surveyor/Technical Engineer or Private Licensed Surveyor to the applicants, who have the obligation for marking, securing and protecting such demar- cation points.

Upon the completion of the surveying and drawing work, the relevant file shall be forwarded for the registration and issue of new certificates of registration.

The time required for completion of the procedure is estimated to 12-18 months and it varies according to the particularity of each case, the volume of work and the available personnel.

Source Department Of Land And Surveys