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Demarcation Of Boundaries In Cyprus

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Information on the demarcation of Cyprus property boundaries

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The most important information that the owner of the property is interested to know concerns the boundaries of his/her property. The owners of property who are registered (they have a title for their property) and whose titles are based on a plan prepared by the Department of Lands and Surveys on a scale, are given the opportunity to determine the boundaries of their property, through the demarcation of the whole of or part of their perimetric line.

A special form/application is available at all Land Offices for its completion and submission or it may be downloaded from the webpage. The title of the property or a photocopy thereof as well as the cadastral plan on which the position of the land marks is indicated and whose determination on the ground is requested are to be attached to the application.

The application may be lodged at any District Lands Office. The respective fees are paid upon filing of the application with the Department of Lands and Surveys, depending on the number of land marks to be placed.

The fixing of the land marks' position is carried out by the employees of the Department of Lands and Surveys in the applicants' presence. The owners may also similarly to other cases, delegate the necessary surveying work to private licensed Surveyors. Applicants are encouraged to have land marks constructed on the positions indicated by the land Surveyor.

The public is requested to take all necessary measures to protect and secure both the artificial and the natural boundaries of the properties (e.g. banks, dry stone walls etc.) which determine the boundaries of their property.

The time required for completion of this kind of cases, cannot be estimated due to volume of work accumulated as a result of cases that have been delayed.

Source Department Of Land And Surveys