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Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association

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Information on the Cyprus body that acts for Registered Cyprus Real Estate Agents

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The Cyprus Real Estate Association is the professional body for officially registered Estate Agents in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Real Estate Association (CREAA) has worked for the last 25 years under the aegis of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

It represents only licensed members of the Real Estates Registration Association, which is a senior member of the International Real Estate Federation. It’s the only professional Real Estate Association in Cyprus which numbers 185 licensed members.

The Association’s basic aims are:

The protection and promotion of the non-profit real estate interests   

The organization, co-ordination and co-operation of the real estate agents for support and promotion of their non-profit interests   

The briefing in all the Lawmaking, Administrative, Urban planning and other measure provisions, Proposals or Law-plans that affect the growth of any motionless property and the real estate section   

The implementation of the real estate deontology code   

The growth of a co-operation or connection with other organizations that comprise the same relevant aims

The real estate agents profession has been assured by the legislation 66/87. With the legislation some legal frames have been placed in the profession exercise. It presupposes punishments in anyone that exercises the profession without being qualified enough and do not has the relevant license which is predicted by the legislation. Although the existence of the law, the association faces in much the illegal exercise of the real estate profession and tries in each possible way to stop that illegal phenomenon.

By having in mind the CREAA statute, the Administrative Council is elected every two years in the association’s General Assembly. The A. Council works by having in mind the internal regulations. It comes together once a moth and sees to various subjects/problems that concern the real estate sector in general, especially the association’s members.

Members of the Association can be registered ONLY if they are licensed real estate agents. The real estate agent license is given by the Real Estates Registration Association, which is established with the relevant legislation. In the Association there are some committees working such as the Executive, Arbitrator and at place Provincial Committees.

Source Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association