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Greek Language Courses

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Information on Greek language courses in Cyprus

Vikla Village                                                    Photo ©

Learning Greek will make your life easier in Cyprus                

The best way to integrate into the Cypriot community, is to learn Greek. This will be appreciated by many of the locals, and will also open many doors for you. You will feel more comfortable in the company Greek Cypriots, where you may join in the conversations.

It is one of the wonders of Cyprus to visit the villages. In many cases, the young people have left to find work, and many old people are possibly the only people you will come across. They probably can only speak Greek. How marvellous will it be to be able to hold a conversation with these people in their own language.

Just imagine when visiting a restaurant, you will be able to order your food in the local language. When completing administration matters, Greek is the only language in the form of many  Cyprus government websites, and many forms are just in Greek too.

This free BBC Greek Language course will help you learn the basics in a very relaxed way. It is meant as the basis for slowly graduating to higher levels.

To get started, please click on the link here

The Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture also offers free Greek language courses.

The Greek Language Courses are offered within the framework of the "Programme for language teaching, applicable to migrants and other foreign language speaking residents of Cyprus".

The courses are offered at the following levels:

Level A - for persons who are beginners or have minimum knowledge of Greek

Level B - for persons who have basic oral and written Greek language skills

Level C - for persons who can communicate at a satisfactory degree rally and in writing

The courses are available to persons over 15 years of age, where their Mother language is not Greek.

The courses usually begin in November, but this may change. You may find further information by contacting the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture here:

Adult Education Centres

Ministry of Education and Culture

Kimonos and Thucydides Corner




Tel (00357) 22 80 08 03