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Vasa Koilaniou Village                        Photo ©

30 October 2017

1. President: Cyprus should not lag behind other European countries in human rights and fundamental freedoms

I cannot think of a European state that lags behind other European countries in human rights and fundamental freedoms, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has stressed. Speaking at a memorial service the President noted that ‘we cannot accept guarantees and intervention rights and troops to remain in place forever as this is against the sense of security of Greek Cypriots’. He also assured that he knows the limits of a compromise aiming at finding a Cyprus solution that would turn the island into a normal state, making it clear that he will not accept anything that may humiliate Greek Cypriots and make them feel small in front of the Turkish Cypriots.

2. Cyprus and Lebanon set to enhance and upgrade bilateral relations on all counts

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri had a “very productive, fruitful and constructive” talks, in Nicosia on Saturday, during which they discussed a number of issues, including ways to enhance bilateral relations, EU-Lebanon ties and developments in efforts to find a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem. Speaking to the press, at the Presidential Palace, after his meeting with Hariri, Anastasiades announced that Cyprus will be delivering a new military assistance package to the Lebanese Armed Forces. Premier Hariri said that he would like to see stronger economic and trade cooperation with Cyprus.

3. We must remain united at the negotiating table, House Speaker says

Turkey displays a maximalist and provocative stance, but despite of this the Greek Cypriot side must remain united and continue the negotiations for a just and viable solution that will reunify our country, House Speaker Dimitris Syllouris has said. Speaking on Sunday at a memorial service in honour of those who lost their lives during the Turkish invasion of 1974, Syllouris said that we have a historic obligation to defend the national, political and human rights of Cypriot citizens and safeguard the national interests of our country.

4. Government speeds up efforts for Turkey to cooperate in missing persons` issue

The Government will speed up its efforts for Turkey to cooperate as regards the issue of missing persons in Cyprus, a statement issued on Sunday by the Presidency, on the occasion of the Missing Persons day on October 29, says. The Government, is added, will intensify its coordinated and organized efforts in all directions, with the main objective of persuading Turkey to assume its responsibilities and to cooperate by providing the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) with all information and data from the archives of the Turkish army, regarding mass graves and transfer of human remains as well as for unhindered access for exhumations, as well as for searches for locations where missing persons are believed to have been buried.

5. Over 30 migrants spotted by Cyprus Police on the south of the island

Thirty-three migrants, including women and children, were spotted by the Cyprus Police on the south of the island, in the early hours of Sunday. According to the Police, the migrants appear to have crossed to the Cyprus Republic from the occupied areas. The migrants, three women, seven minors and twenty - three men are of Arabic origin. They appear to have reached the occupied areas by boat on Saturday and then crossed to the Cyprus Republic.CNA