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Enrolment In Cyprus Primary Schools

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Information on Cyprus primary school enrolment

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Enrolment of primary school pupils takes place in January every year, the dates of which are announced by the Director of Primary Education. The confirmation of the enrolment is also made by the Director on set dates. Pupils who have not been able to enrol on the set dates can be exempted from the above provision and can enrol later with the approval of the relevant District Education Officer. Pupils are enrolled at schools belonging to their educational district.

Age range of pupils’ enrolment and attendance, compulsory education and procedure

No pupil can be enrolled, unless he/she has completed the age set by the Council of Ministers before the 1st of September of the enrolment year. According to the decision of the Council, a pupil can be enrolled at a primary school only if he/she has completed the age of 5 8/12 years. Every pupil that meets the above condition must enrol at a primary school in his/her district, according to the law for compulsory education.

A child that has completed the age of 5 8/12 years and, according to the parents, he/she has special problems, cannot be exempted from enrolment and attendance without the approval of the Director of Primary Education who will also decide about the nature of education the child needs. Children with Greek nationality parents who are living temporarily in Cyprus enrol at primary schools, provided they have completed the required age according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports of Greece.

Every child born in Cyprus who enrols for the first time must present the original birth certificate issued according to law. A child born abroad has to present the original birth certificate or other document (i.e. passport) issued by a relevant authority which confirms the date of birth and also satisfies the requirements the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Photocopies of the above documents are accepted only if they are appropriately certified and are presented with the originals. The birth certificates are examined by the relevant inspector and kept by the school headteacher. The certificates are returned to the pupils on graduation or when they transfer to another school in Cyprus or abroad.

No child can enrol or extend his/her attendance at a primary school:

If he/she has been awarded a primary school leaving diploma

If on the 1st of September of the enrolment year is over 13 years old or if he/she wishes to extend attendance and is over 13 years old, unless the approval of the Director of Primary Education is secured. Source Ministry Of Education And Culture