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15 July 2017

1. President calls for unity as the State honours those killed in defence of the Republic

Cypriot President called for unity among political parties, as the state honoured those killed in defence of the Republic during the military coup d’ etat in July 15, 1974 which paved the way for the Turkish military invasion five days later and the subsequent division of Cyprus. On this day forty three years ago, the Greek military junta, then ruling Greece, toppled the democratically elected President of Cyprus, the late Archbishop Makarios III. The coup provided Turkey with a pretext to launch an invasion and occupation of the island`s northern third.

2. FM: Cyprus` natural resources belong to its people

Cyprus` natural resources belong to the people of Cyprus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said in a written statement. "Cyprus reiterates its position, that the natural resources of Cyprus belong to the Cypriot people, replying to the press release, No: 228, issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 13 July 2017", it said. The Ministry also pointed out that  at this stage, a bill has been submitted for consideration before the House of Representatives, concerning the establishment of a National Investments Fund in which the revenue from hydrocarbon exploitation will be deposited “for the benefit of all Cypriots”, as stated in the draft bill.

3. Cooperation with French TOTAL opens new perspectives for Cyprus – France relations, President Anastasiades stresses

There is no doubt that Cyprus’ plan on energy field and its cooperation with French energy giant TOTAL, open new perspectives for Cyprus – France relations and for the benefits of EU’s energy security, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades stressed here Friday, addressing French Embassy’s reception for celebrating French National Day.

4. Greek House President stresses the need for a just Cyprus solution as he hands over "Cyprus File"

President of the Hellenic Parliament Nikolaos Voutsis has expressed the need to find a just solution to the Cyprus problem providing for a united Cyprus, an equal member of the EU, without guarantors and occupying troops. Nikolaos Voutsis was addressing today’s special Plenary session of the House of Representatives in the presence of the President of the Republic, during which he handed over to his Cypriot counterpart Demetris Syllouris the archives of the Hellenic Parliament’s inquiry on Cyprus File. He said that this issue has been outstanding for a long time and finally it is being resolved.

5. Cyprus Parliament approves bill to establish Deputy Ministry of Shipping

The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Marios Dimitriades, in a written statement, welcomes the decision of the Parliament to establish a Deputy Ministry of Shipping, noting that Cyprus’ shipping is a big chapter for Cyprus. “Our duty is to ensure that shipping in Cyprus has all the necessary means to cope with the challenges of the international shipping industry, while remaining competitive. The upgrading and strengthening of the shipping administration will help towards this direction”, he points out. According to the Minister the Deputy Ministry of Shipping will be competent to handle all shipping issues.

6. Parliament votes bills on social benefits and protection of family life

The Parliament in Cyprus voted on Friday bills on social benefits and protection of family life concerning paternity leave, child benefit, surrogacy, widow`s pension and redundancies compensation. All bills were approved unanimously by the Parliament, except from the bill raising the income criteria for child benefit, which was voted with one vote against.

7. Revenue from tourism increase 37.5% year-on-year in April

Revenue from tourism recorded and increase of 37.5% in April 2017 compared to the corresponding month of 2016, according to data announced Friday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus. On the basis of the results of the Passenger Survey, revenue from tourism reached €189.6 mn in April 2017 compared to €137.9 mn in the corresponding month of the previous year. For the period of January – April 2017 revenue from tourism is estimated at €357.7 mn compared to €285.5 mn in the corresponding period of 2016, recording an increase of 25.3%.

8. Turkish Cypriots donate 50,000 Euro to CMP

The Turkish Cypriot community has donated 50 thousand euro to the Committee on Missing Persons. In a press release, the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) expresses “its sincere thanks to H.E. Mr Mustafa Akıncı for a donation of EUR 50,000 made on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot community today. This brings the Turkish Cypriot financial assistance to the CMP to a total of EUR 358,000 over the past eleven years”.CNA