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Operating A Private School In Cyprus

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Information on permits required to operate a Cyprus private school

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Establishment and Operation of a Private School

In order for a Private School (Primary or Secondary) to get established and operate in the Republic of Cyprus, an approval by the Minister of Education and Culture must be obtained.

Eligibility Criteria

Permission to operate a Private School in Cyprus can be given to natural or legal persons of a Cypriot nationality or citizens of other member states of the EU. Non EU citizens can also establish a private school upon the approval of the Minister of Education and Culture.

Application Procedure

In order to apply for the establishment and operation of a private school, the application forms (application for the establishment and application for the operation of a private school) must be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture. The forms can be downloaded and printed from the PSC Cyprus portal (see related documents). The application forms can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or by contacting directly the competent authority:

Ministry of Education and Culture

Department of Secondary Education

Kimonos and Thoukydides Corner

1434 Nicosia

Tel.: +357 22800918, +357 22809512

Fax : +357 22428268

Choosing a name of private school and registering to the registry of companies

The private school should be registered as a company with a commercial name at the registry of companies. The term “private school” must precede the name given. The certified copy must accompany the application.

The registered name cannot include terms like “Academy” “Academic” “National” “Pancyprian”.

The registered name should not be misleading in terms of the level and the type of the private school.

The registered name must distinguish itself from the names of other private schools.


Finding a suitable building must be a primary goal:

it is necessary to obtain permit from the Headquarters of the Department of Town Planning and Housing which will be based on the Streets and Buildings Regulation Law;

it is also necessary to submit a building permit the last approval of which should state that the building will be used as a private school. Additionally, it is required to send a use permit of the private school which will be based on the Municipal Law 111/85;

the building should be suitably furnished and use the right equipment for the appropriate functioning of a private school;

Fire Safety Certificate;

Electrical Installation Certificate.

Staff of the Private School

It is compulsory to hire qualified headmaster/headmistress as well as teachers. Every member of the teaching staff should hold a recognised University degree/ title on the specific subject they will be appointed to teach. The completed personal record form for every teaching staff member of the Private School should be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture. All record forms should be submitted as official certified printouts. It is also required to submit along with the degree transcript, the certified official study programme transcript. A clear criminal record should accompany the application.

Curriculum programme

A curriculum programme of the subject or subjects which will be taught must be submitted. A satisfactory programme includes the following:

a) Aims and Objectives (which group of students it is addressed to);

b) Content/Material;

c) Timing – Teaching Periods per unit;

d) Methodology;

e) Course books;

f) Timetable.

Criteria for a satisfactory Syllabus for foreign languages for Private Schools

1. General aims and objectives of the curriculum based on the age of the students

2. Targeted skills/abilities (language and communicative skills according to the level and skill scales of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) of the Council of Europe.

3. Content / Syllabus (coursebooks and additional material which is in accordance with the CEFR levels for languages)

4. Teaching periods per year/per week and by unit

5. Coursebooks

6. Methodologies (teaching approach and methodology, activities, tasks etc.)

7. Technological support (PC / interactive activities over the internet etc.)

8. Modes of Assessment

Student fees

The owner should state to the Ministry of Education and Culture the student fees and then should ensure an approval every academic year for possible increase of the fees.

The advisory committee of Private Education examines the application and together with the Minister of Education and Culture gives approval, only if the application meets all requirements and terms with reference to the law.

The opening of the private school should take place only after its approval.

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within ten months from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted.

Obligations and Supervision

Private schools are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Private Schools Law and Regulations, as periodically amended or replaced, and specifically, among others, with the following:

It is obligatory to have a sign

Outside the building showing the commercial name of the school with the phrase “private school” preceding the name given.

The phrase “private school”

Must precede the commercial name at the stamp used by the school, as well as at all signs, advertisements, certificates and other documents published or issued by the private school.

Private School inspection

Before Ministry of Education and Culture officials inspect the Private School, photocopies or samples of the sign and the receipts as mentioned above should be presented.

Keeping the following records

a) List of students;

b) Teaching staff record;

c) Staff salary statement;

d) Confirmation certificates (optional).

Keeping duplicated numbered receipts

Such receipts should be printed at a printing press, as it is necessary to give out a receipt for each collection of fees or other rights.

Operational information of the Private School

submitting every year the teaching staff list etc;

notifying the Ministry of Education and Culture for any changes taking place concerning the operation of the Private School.

Other Associations

Cyprus Association of Private Schools

1st April 55,

P.O. Box 33900,

5319 Paralimni

Tel: 22833606, 23811080

Fax: 22872841, 23730438

Association of 7-years Schools

P.O.Box. 22262,

1519 Nicosia

Tel.: + 357 22695695

Fax.: + 357 22623044

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