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Division Of Cyprus Land Into Building Sites

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Information on dividing Cyprus land into building sites

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The division of land into building sites presupposes the issue of a partition permit by the Town Planning Department and a division permit by the Competent Authority. When the permit is obtained and even before the commencement of the construction of the building sites, the divided land must be demarcated and staked out.

Any landowner wishing to apply for a division of his land into building sites has two options. To either file the division permit together with the plans and the terms accompanying it to one of the District Lands Offices, regardless of the district in which the property to be divided is situated and to request to carry out such division work, or to delegate the whole work to a Private Licensed Surveyor. For the filing of the application a special form must be completed and the prescribed fees are paid to the Department of Land and Surveys.

Note 1

The Land Surveyor/Technician Engineer or the Private Licensed Surveyor indicates the position of the land marks whereas the owner is responsible for the construction and placement of the land marks at the positions indicated by the land Surveyor.

Note 2

Where within the property under division there exist buildings, for which a certificate of approval has been issued, the building permits for these buildings must be attached together with the architect's plans and the cadastral plans to the application, along with the certificates of approval, so that the buildings may be surveyed and registered together with the building sites.

After the survey work has been completed and checked, the applicant shall be provided with the relevant certificate, which he will submit to the appropriate authority together with all other necessary particulars to obtain approval for commencement of the construction works. After the completion of the works, the appropriate authority or the supervising Licensed Surveyor will issue the relevant certificate of completion of the work. This certificate shall be deposited with the Department of Lands & Surveys, upon payment of all prescribed fees for the check of the survey work and the preparation of the cadastral plan on which the registration of the new building sites shall be based.

The applicant shall thereafter be notified to submit the certificate of approval for the registration of the divided building sites and pay the relevant fees. A copy of the cadastral plan shall also be sent to the issuing authority of the division permit. After deposit of the certificate of approval, a local enquiry takes place for purposes of description and valuation of the new building sites. The registration is effected after all necessary consents for the building sites have been obtained and the new certificates of registration are issued.

Time of completion of procedure

The consideration of these matters requires a lot of time and it is almost impossible to specify the exact time required for completion of each procedure since this depends on the actions taken by the appropriate authority, the Department of Lands & Surveys, the owner, the contractor in charge of the construction works and on other parameters.

Source Department Of Land And Surveys