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Cyprus Civil Registration And Migration

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Information on Cyprus civil registry and migration

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The Department of Civil Registry and Migration of the Ministry of Interior has responsibilities regarding the following issues:

Civil Registry Section

Cypriot passports with biometric features

Identity Cards

Displaced Persons Identity Cards

Certificates for displaced persons by origin

Birth certificates

Death certificates

Voting booklets

Civil registry records

Elections registry

Registration of individuals with Cypriot origins

Acquisition and renunciation or deprivation of the Cypriot citizenship

Civil marriage’s central registry

Issuance of attestations/ certificates according to the Civil Marriage Law.

Migration Section

Issuance of visitor visa for aliens

Issuance of employment visa for aliens

International Business Companies

Issuance of student visa for aliens

Issuance of migration permit to aliens

Issuance of temporary stay for asylum seekers and issuance of stay for recognized refugees

Issuance of certificate for the registration and residence permit of EU nationals and members of their family.

Issuance of permit for long term residents

Examination of family reunification issues

Issuance of visa for alien investments following fast procedures

Issuance of employment visa of aliens employed at International Foreign Companies and of stay permit for members of their families

Imposition of fines on air companies for illegally transfer of aliens

Imposition of administrative penalties, including fine, to the employers who illegally employ a third country national, as well as imposition of administrative fine to the third country national for illegal employment.

Birth certificates, identity cards, displaced persons identity cards, voting booklets, passports, etc, are electronically issued via the Civil Registry System and citizens may obtain them by the District Offices, without unnecessary, bureaucratic procedures.

Aiming at the better service of the great and increasing demands relating to the issues of entry and stay of aliens, the Department launched a specialized electronic system, which, inter alia, provides the possibility of electronic issuance of permits/visas. The prescribed system contributes in a great extent to the simplification of the procedures and the upgrade of the services provided.

The Republic of Cyprus established the Asylum Service in order to become harmonized with the International Conventions and the acquis communautaire. The Cyprus Republic has replaced the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at the examination of the asylum applications as from 2002.

The Asylum Service has been established according to the Refugee Law of 2000, in 2004, in order to replace the Refugee Unit, and it is responsible for examining asylum seeking applications. Moreover, the Refugee Reviewing Authority was established following a Council Ministers decision, to examine administrative appeals against the first instance issuance decisions of the Head of the Asylum Service.

The European acquis guarantees the free movement, placement and work of EU citizens in all Member States. A European citizen can enter the Republic after presenting a valid Identity Card or Passport. In the case of employment the European citizen should register and apply for employment permit to the Civil Registry and Migration Department within eight days of his/her entry to the Republic.

It is possible for the European citizens to enter the Republic without a contract of employment for a period not exceeding three months. During that period EU citizens could find an employer and register with the Civil Registry and Migration Department and acquire an employment visa.

In cases where an EU citizen seeks employment in the Republic, his/her contract of employment should be sealed by the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurances, stating the period and responsibilities of employment. Family members/dependents accompanying EU citizens, who wish to be employed in the Republic of Cyprus, should be registered in the Civil Registry and Migration Department under specific conditions, and after submitting all relevant documents.  The same rights apply for all family members/dependents. In case of dependants who are not EU citizens, a special permit is required.

Finally, with regards to the attraction of foreign investments to Cyprus, the issuance of Immigration Permit (entry, stay and employment) to alien personnel (Directors – Vice-Directors) of International Companies and members of their family is proceeded within the scope of expedited procedure.PIO