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Operating A Private Kindergarten In Cyprus

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Information on permits required to operate a private kindergarten in Cyprus

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Establishment and Operation of a Private Kindergarten

In order to operate a private kindergarten in the Republic of Cyprus, natural and legal persons need to obtain an approval from the Minister of Education and Culture, following a recommendation from the Supervisory Committee of Private Education.

Eligibility Criteria

A licence to establish a private kindergarten in Cyprus can be granted only to natural or legal persons who reside in Cyprus or citizens of another member state. An approval from the Minister of Education and Culture needs to be obtained, if the person is a non-citizen of the Cyprus Republic or another member state.

Application Procedure

In order to establish and obtain a Licence to operate a private kindergarten one must file the following applications/documents (application for establishment, application for operation, personal record of teaching staff ), which can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or you can contact directly the competent authority:

Primary Education Directors´ Office

Ministry of Education and Culture

Kimonos & Thoukydides Corner

1434 Nicosia

Tel. +357 22800918

Fax +357 22 800869

The applications/documents that need to be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture are:

Application for the Establishment of Private Schools (MOEC I.S.1);

Application for the Operation of Private schools (MOEC I.S.4);

Personal Record of Teaching Staff in Private Schools (MOEC I.S.3);

The Building Permit of the Kindergarten;

Copy of the architectural plans of the kindergarten building;

Certified copy of Certificate of company registration or business name;

Certificate of fire safety approval;

Certificate of eligibility from the Public Health Services.

In case the applicant is a legal entity (private limited company) the following documents must be enclosed with the application:

a copy of the Articles and Memorandum of Association;

a copy of the Certificate of Registration;

an original of the Certificate of Directors and Secretary;

a copy of the address of the Company’s Office.

The examination of the documents as well as an inspection of the Private Kindergarten premises by an authorized person from the Primary Education Office is an absolute prerequisite for the presentation of the specific application to the members of the Supervisory Committee of Private Education.

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within three months from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted. The licence is valid infinitely and does not need to be renewed.

A Registration Certificate to the Registry of Private Kindergartens is issued and kept for public observance to the Ministry of Education and Culture. Moreover, a certificate of operation is issued in the name of the Kindergarten and is related to a particular establishment. In the event of change of the name of the establishment, a new certificate is required.

Obligations and Supervision

The owner of an authorised Private Kindergarten is obliged mainly to the following:

the licence to operate as a Private Kindergarten must be posted in a conspicuous place of the establishment;

any change or alteration in the way of operation of the Private Kindergarten must be duly notified to the Ministry of Education and Culture for approval.

An inspection is carried out by the Counsellor of Private Kindergartens of the following books and records that need to be kept by the Kindergarten’s administration:

pupils Registry;

registry of Teaching Personnel accompanied by separate folders of all the personnel’s birth certificates, correspondence, circulars of the Ministry of Education and Culture, proper books and records of receipts and payments;

attendance Lists;

School Registration.

Inspections are carried out twice a year for reasons relating to the examination of receipts, books or other forms and in general any matter deemed necessary as well as to ensure compliance with the provisions of the relevant Law.

Other Associations

Cyprus Association of Authorised Private Kindergartens

18 Kyriakou Matsi Str.,

1035 Nicosia

Tel.: + 357 22436466

Fax: +357 22349193

Association of Degree Holders-Owners & Directors of Private Kindergartens &
Cyprus Association of Owners of Kindergarten & Nursery Schools

P.O.Box 21657,

1511 Nicosia

Tel.: + 357 22 665102

Fax: + 357 22669459

Source PSC