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Tip For British Expats In Cyprus Regarding A Death In The UK

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Information on a service dealing with a death in the UK

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There are many British nationals who have decided to up sticks, and become a British Expat in Cyprus. There are many conflicting estimates as to actually how many, but the figures of between 50 - 60,000 can be used as a ball park figure.

There are many British Expats who have left family members and close friends behind, of all ages. The decision to leave has been made and everybody just gets on with their own lives.

We live in a modern age, where communications between Cyprus and the UK, as well as elsewhere in the world, means we have the ability to stay in contact 24 hours a day with people if we so wish.

There may come a time for British Expats in Cyprus, when they are informed of a death in the UK and this may well mean having to return to the UK, to make the necessary arrangements.

The administration procedures regarding a death is something which will have to be addressed, and it is never easy in these emotional times. There are many government departments to contact, as well as many services to cancel.

The timing of certain situations concerning the deceased can be very traumatic, such as a junk mail addressed to the deceased. This can be very disteressing for the surviving relatives and friends, who have to open this unwanted mail. It is hard enough dealing with the normal post, without having to deal with this junk mail too.

There is a free service which can help stop situations like this, and the name of the service is called, The Deceased Preference Service. This service provides the means to stop junk being sent to the deceased. The service also helps to reduce the risk of identity fraud.

The deceased details are registered with the Deceased Preference Service and the information is passed to companies who use the details to stop any further mail being sent to the deceased. The details are secure and are never passed on for marketing purposes.

There are three ways ro register the details of the deceased.

1. The quickest way to register is online at -

2. Telephone free on 0800 068 4433

3. Complete a form and send by post in a sealed envelope.

The address to send to is:

Deceased Preference Service, DDC OS, The Data Solutions Service, Manton Wood Enterprice Park, Worksop S80 2RT,
United Kingdom

The service is completely free and you may register a death anytime, even if the death was some time ago.

Most companies update their files monthly, so unsolicited mail should stop very quickly, within a couple of months or so.

More information on the Deceased Preference Service may be found here

A very useful free service to use at a difficult time.