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How To Renew Your British Passport In Cyprus

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Information on how to renew British passports in Cyprus

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There have been more changes to the process for British Expats in Cyprus to renew their passports. You may no longer apply for a British passport through the British High Commission in Nicosia.

The British government, in order to save costs, have made the application automated, and applications may now be made online.

The new online application service allows you to complete your passport application securely and also to pay for your application using a credit or debit card.

The passport application service is for British Expats living overseas, Cyprus for example, to apply for British passports.

There are three stages to complete for the application:

1. Create & Check

This section deals with the type of passport you are applying for and will also tell you the amount you have to pay.

2. Pay & Print

This section deals with your payment. Once payment has been made, you will have to print the application form, along with any other information the system may ask for.

3. Sign & Send

This section asks for the application form, once printed, to be signed. You will also be informed where to send the application form, which documents you must send with the application form, if a counter signature will be required and which type of photos are acceptable.

Once the process is completed, a personalised declaration pack will be available to download. and print. This will have to be signed and sent to the appropriate HM Passport office. The address to send the downloaded pack will be stated in the downloaded pack. The pack must be accompanied by the supporting documents and photos.

Passports may be renewed at any time, therefore you do not need to wait till your passport runs out to renew. You may apply up to 9 months ahead, and any unused periods in between, will be added to your new passport. This is very useful, as you may apply to renew your passport when it is not so busy, and have your passport sooner.

You are required to have 2 photos and information on which type of photos are accepted are available in the information pack.

You may view the HM Passport Service online application form here

More information on Applying For A Passport From Outside The UK may be found here

Passport Fees

The fee for Adults, 16 years and over, is GBP 83.00 for a 32 page passport renewal

The fee for a jumbo size passport, 48 pages, is GBP 91.00

The fee for a child 15 years and under is GBP 53.00.
There will be a courier fee to pay of GBP 19.86 to send the passport and supporting documents to you.

Passport applications may take up to 4 weeks from when your declaration form is received by HM Passport Office.

Telephone contacts for HM Passport Office

0044 (0) 300 222 000  Mon - Fri 0800 - 2000 (UK Time)  & Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 0900 1730 (UK Time)

Information on call charges may be found here