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Why Do We Have Newly Painted Yellow Lines In Cyprus?

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Yellow Lines For No Parking          Photo ©

05 August 2016

July and August are the months when you see lot's of roadworks on Cyprus roads. These are the two most popular months for resurfacing the roads. The timing is meant to take advantage of the holiday period, when many people and schools are on holiday. This means less traffic at rush hours and no school runs. The heat also helps dry the asphalt quickly, so the repairs, hopefully, take less time to complete.

The new resurfaced roads have newly painted markings, white lines, yellow lines, symbols and some blue lines for the sports cyclists. This is very welcome as the old painted markings fade very quickly in the hot Cyprus sun. You notice the new lines now more clearly with the many roadworks in progress across the island.

Whilst we welcome the newly painted lines, we cannot understand why there are newly painted single and double yellow lines. The yellow lines painted in the cities, towns and villages in Cyprus are there for a purpose. The yellow lines are for people to follow traffic regulations. Wishful thinking maybe?

Single yellow lines allow motorists and delivery vehicles to load and unload only. Parking is not permitted.

Double yellow lines do not allow parking at all.

There are signs which stipulate at what times the rules apply. If there are no signs, then this means that there are no exceptions and the rules also apply at the weekends.

The yellow lines are totally ignored by the motorists in Cyprus. They blissfully park on the lines as if they did not exist. When a motorist in Cyprus does seem to take notice of the yellow lines, then they simply park on the pavement, thus not on the yellow lines. The police and the traffic wardens allow this parking and take no action.

The driving in Cyprus has a lot to be desired and is very dangerous most of the time. There is simply no regard for traffic rules and motorists regularly flout the laws. The police should being doing more to enforce the rules, but are totally inadequate in clamping down on violators. The motorists know that there is a pretty good chance of not being caught, so just do whatever they wish.

It would seem to make economic sense to simply not paint anymore yellow lines in Cyprus, which will save a lot of time and money. If they still want to paint yellow lines, then at least enforce the laws!