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Organised Campaign Against Animal Cruelty In Cyprus Begins

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One of the lucky dogs in Cyprus          Photo ©

25 January 2014

Today was the first meeting to try to address the alarming rise in animal cruelty in Cyprus. The meeting was held at St Barnabas Church hall in Limassol. The organiser, Christine Goldsmith invited Kyriacos Kyriacou, a member of the Green Party to attend, to explain the many battles he has had with various organisations and the political system.

There was a tremendous turnout, the church hall was full with people coming from all parts of Cyprus. The event attracted people from many countries who have made Cyprus their home, binded by a common cause. There were many professional people there and a wonderful sight to see, many Greek Cypriot people attended too. The Cyprus media was also present, so look out for the reports on TV tonight.

Kyriakos explained the work he has been doing regarding the saving of animals in Cyprus, especially re homing of animals living in squalid conditions in the Limassol Zoo. He has campaigned for many years and has now brought his experience to try to make a change towards the treatment of animals in Cyprus through an organised campaign.

The way forward was explained to the audience. The aim is to have a Commissioner for Animals. This appointment will be made by the Cyprus president. This commissioner will have powers to make and enforce laws regarding the treatment of animals in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Tourism organisation is very worried with the animal cruelty in Cyprus. The social media platforms are awash with images of brutally abused animals in Cyprus, and this is having a devastating effect on people choosing not to visit Cyprus for their holiday. Cyprus has hit pretty close to the top of the countries to be avoided for tourists, due to the animal cruelty.

There are many organisations and government ministries that are involved to some extent with animals in Cyprus, and this was explained at the meeting. The politicians in Cyprus are very reluctant to take animal cruelty in Cyprus seriously. The aim of this meeting was to create an organisation to try to change this mentality.

One of the steps people could make was to register to vote in the forthcoming local elections. Voters could align themselves with candidates who promote the well being of animals, and who will stand up against abuse.

A steering committee is now being formed. Many people came forward wanting to participate on the committee, lawyers, vets etc, and this was a welcome sign, as many professional people will be needed to help guide the campaign. If you wish to join the steering committee, please contact Kyriacos Kyriacou on his Facebook page, details below.

The time has now come for all the animal charities, supporting websites and the ordinary members of the public who take it upon themselves to care for abused animals, to come together and make this happen.

A website will also be created where people may find information.

There are plans to hold meetings around the island and we will publish more information on these when we have received confirmed dates and locations.

Finally, 2014 could be the year we make a change and fight the animal cruelty in Cyprus through this new initiative.

The Facebook page for Kyriacos Kyriacou has information on animal cruelty in Cyprus, and he is open to ideas and suggestions to help the campaign. You may view his page here


Dramatic Rise In Animal Cruelty In Cyprus





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