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  • Management Of Jointly Owned Cyprus Buildings — Dec 02, 2017

    Information on management of jointly owned buildings in Cyprus Vouni Village Photo © All jointly-owned buildings must have a management committee which regulates and manages all relevant affairs.The owners of all units contained in the... Read more

  • Settlement Of Cyprus Border Disputes — Dec 01, 2017

    Information for on settling Cyprus property boundary disputes Vouni Village Photo © Law Cap.224, Section 58Where any dispute arises as to the common boundary of two properties, any of the owners may request the Director of the... Read more

  • Limassol Bus Service — Nov 28, 2017

    Information on bus transport for Urban, Rural and Student routes in Limassol and other areas in Cyprus Limassol Photo © EMELis the bus service provider for Limassol. Ticket prices for travel in Limassol are €1.50 for... Read more

  • Readjustment Of Boundaries Of Two Or More Cyprus Properties — Nov 27, 2017

    Information on Cyprus property boundary readjustments Vouni Village Photo © The common boundary of two or more properties may be readjusted upon an agreement reached between the owners of the properties. The application must be signe... Read more

  • Ayia Napa — Nov 27, 2017

    Information on the town of Ayia Napa in Cyprus Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa Photo © Ayia Napa (Greek: Αγία Νάπα, pronounced [aˈʝa ˈnapa]; Turkish: Aya Napa) is a resort at the far eastern end of the southern coast of ... Read more

  • Division Of Cyprus Agricultural Land — Nov 26, 2017

    Information on the division of Cyprus agricultural land Vouni Village Photo © The division of agricultural land is possible, where each one of the new plots, proposed to be created, have (as the case may be) the extent given below. Not les... Read more

  • History Of Cyprus — Nov 25, 2017

    Information on the history of Cyprus Agios Mamas Village Photo © The history of Cyprus is one of the oldest recorded in the world and its historical significance is disproportionate to its small size. Considerable resources of copper and timber fo... Read more

  • Limassol — Nov 24, 2017

    Information on Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus Limassol Old Town Photo © or Lemesos (Greek: Λεμεσός, Lemesós; Turkish: Limasol or Leymosun; Armenian: Լիմասոլ) is the sec... Read more

  • History Of The Cyprus Flag — Nov 23, 2017

    Information on the history of the Cyprus flag Republic Of Cyprus Flag Photo © Adopted August 20, 2006 Design An outline of the country of Cyprus above twin olive branches on a white fieldThe flag of Cyprus (Greek: Σημαί&alpha... Read more

  • Demarcation Of Boundaries In Cyprus — Nov 22, 2017

    Information on the demarcation of Cyprus property boundaries Vouni Village Photo © The most important information that the owner of the property is interested to know concerns the boundaries of his/her property. The owners of property who ... Read more

  • Origins Of The Cypriot Dialogue — Nov 21, 2017

    Information on the origins of the Cypriot dialogue Koilani Village Photo © A centuries-old dialectRich in international influences, the Cypriot dialect differs significantly from all the other vernaculars and dialects of the Modern Greek language. ... Read more

  • Cyprus Natural Environment — Nov 20, 2017

    Information on the natural environment to be found in Cyprus Milomeri Waterfalls In The Troodos Mountains Photo © The country has two mountain ranges: the Pentadaktylos range which runs along almost the entire northern coast, and the Troodos massi... Read more

  • Cyprus Flora And Fauna — Nov 19, 2017

    Information on the Flora, Fauna and Nature in Cyprus Vouni Village Photo © With its approximately 1.908 species, subspecies and varieties of flowering plants, Cyprus is an extremely interesting place for nature lovers and has a... Read more

  • Cyprus Forests — Nov 17, 2017

    Information on the forests to be found in Cyprus Vouni Village Photo © THE CYPRUS FORESTS Forest vegetation on state and private land covers about 42% of the total area of the island (about 18.5% are high forests and 23.5% are... Read more

  • Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association — Nov 16, 2017

    Information on the Cyprus body that acts for Registered Cyprus Real Estate Agents Dhoros Village Photo © The Cyprus Real Estate Association is the professional body for officially registered Estate Agents in Cyprus. The Cyprus Real Estat... Read more

  • Emergency Telephone Numbers In Cyprus — Nov 15, 2017

    Information on the emergency telephone numbers in Cyprus Kakopetria Village Photo © Cyprus has adopted the European Emergency Telephone Number 112. Use this number to call Police, Ambulance and Fire services. Other useful emergency telephone num... Read more

  • Pervolia — Nov 14, 2017

    Information on the village of Pervolia Local Cyprus Kafenion Photo © Pervolia village lies16 km from Larnaca In the very ancient years, Pervolia used to be the rest place for the Kings and the rich people of the area. Pervolia, was named after its... Read more

  • Famagusta Bus Service — Nov 13, 2017

    Information on the Famagusta Bus Services Vouni Village Photo © OSEA is the bus company that serves the Famagusta area. The new bus programme was introduced on 05 July 2010 as part of the new transport system initiated by th... Read more

  • Obtaining Copies Of Cadastral Plans In Cyprus — Nov 12, 2017

    Information on obtaining copies of Cyprus cadastral plans Vikla Village Photo © Any person may ask upon fling an application to be furnished with copies of cadastral plans.It is necessary to complete application Form N.295 on which the... Read more

  • Greek Language Courses — Nov 11, 2017

    Information on Greek language courses in Cyprus Vikla Village Photo © Learning Greek will make your life easier in Cyprus The best way to integrate into the Cypriot community, is to learn Greek. This will be appreci... Read more

  • Cyprus Social Welfare Services — Nov 08, 2017

    Information on Cyprus Social Welfare Services Vikla Village Photo © The Social Welfare Services (SWS), under the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, is the competent and only government department responsible for providing ... Read more

  • Deposit Of Contract Of Sale For Cyprus Property — Nov 08, 2017

    Information on depositing a contract of sale of a Cyprus property Agios Georgios Village Photo © The Sale of Land (Specific Performance) Law No. 81(I)/2011The Sale of Immovable Property (Specific Performance) Law, No. 81(I)/2011 entered into force ... Read more

  • Compulsory Property Acquisition In Cyprus — Nov 07, 2017

    Information on the compulsory purchase of Cyprus property Cyprus Real Estate Photo © Subject to the provisions of Article 23 of the Constitution and of the Compulsory Acquisition of Property Law 15/62 any property may be acquired compulsorily for ... Read more

  • Cyprus Public Hospitals — Nov 06, 2017

    Information on Cyprus Public Hospitals Vavla Village Photo © NicosiaNicosia New General Hspital215, Old Street Nicosia-Limassol,Strovolos,NicosiaTel (00357) 22 60 30 00Nicosia Old General HospitalNechrou Avenue,1102 NicosiaTel (00357) 22 80 14 00A... Read more

  • Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority — Nov 04, 2017

    Information on the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority Trozena Village Photo © Cyprus has an isolated power system (as defined under the European Union aquis) with no interconnections.Law 122(I)/2003 and its subsequent amendments regulates the Elec... Read more

  • Primary Education In Cyprus — Nov 02, 2017

    Information on primary education in Cyprus Agios Therapon Village Photo © Primary Education is the initial stage of education and has as its basic aim to create, establish and offer opportunities to all children, regardless of age, gender or coun... Read more

  • Introduction To Cyprus Pre Primary Education — Nov 01, 2017

    Information on Cyprus pre primary education Vavatsinia Village Photo © Pre-Primary education is considered to be fundamental to the development of the human nature. It contributes to the development of the child in all areas, cognitive development,... Read more

  • Adult Education Centres In Cyprus — Oct 31, 2017

    Information on Cyprus adult education centres Vavatsinia Village Photo © The Adult Education Centres is a significant programme which provides general adult education in Cyprus within the framework of providing lifelong learning opportunities. The... Read more

  • Cyprus Citizen Service Centres — Oct 30, 2017

    Information on how to arrange Cyprus administration matters locally, using Cyprus Citizen Service Centres (CSC'S) Pelendri Village Photo © The Cyprus Government has introduced an efficient system where you may process many Cyprus administration ma... Read more

  • Admission Requirements For Cyprus Primary Schools — Oct 28, 2017

    Information on admission requirements for Cyprus primary schools Vasa Kellakiou Village Photo © must enrol in the school that belongs to the educational area nearest to their home. In cases where the parents change their residence,... Read more

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