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  • How To Obtain A Cyprus Aerophotography Licence — Apr 23, 2017

    Information on permits required for Cyprus Aerophotography Agros Village Photo © Provision of Aerophotography Services DescriptionIn order to provide aerophotography of services in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain the licence for the aer... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 22, 2017

    Kato Drys Village Photo © 22 April 2017 1. We can reach a Cyprus solution only through national unity, President Anastasiades stresses The President of the Republic has called for moderate political speech, dialogue and national unity to help reac... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 21, 2017

    Kathikas Village Photo © 21 April 2017 1. President Anastasiades: Not possible to talk about CBMs when Turkey continues provocations President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has raised the issue of the continued Turkish provocations in Cyprus`... Read more

  • Cyprus Airports Information — Apr 21, 2017

    Information on the two airports in Cyprus, Larnaka and Paphos Kathikas Village Photo © Cyprus has 2 airports, Larnaka and Paphos International Airports.The operation and management of the airports is conducted by Hermes Airports Ltd, a consortiu... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 20, 2017

    Kathikas Village Photo © 20 April 2017 1. Leaders meet for Cyprus reunification talks on Thursday Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci meet on Thursday afternoon in the context of the Cyprus reunification t... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 19, 2017

    Kantou Village Photo © 19 April 2017 1. Juncker to also discuss Cyprus with UN Secretary General in Washington Cyprus will "naturally be part of the talks" European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker will have with the UN Secretary General A... Read more

  • Paphos International Airport — Apr 19, 2017

    Information on Paphos International Airport in Cyprus Kantou Village Photo © Paphos International Airport (Greek: Διεθνής Αερολιμένα&s... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 18, 2017

    Kalopanayiotis Village Photo © 18 April 2017 1. International observers find fundamental flaws in Turkish referendum process "The 16 April constitutional referendum in Turkey was contested on an unlevel playing field, and the two sides in the camp... Read more

  • Sovereign Base Areas Of Akrotiri And Dhekelia In Cyprus — Apr 17, 2017

    Information on the British Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus Kalopanayiotis Village Photo © Akrotiri and Dhekelia (Greek: Ακρωτήρι και Δεκέλει&alp... Read more

  • Larnaka International Airport — Apr 15, 2017

    Information on Larnaka International Airport in Cyprus Kalo Chorio Village Photo © Larnaca International Airport (Greek: Διεθνής Aερολιμένας &Lamb... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 14, 2017

    Kalavasos Village Photo © 14 April 20171. Opening more chapters for Turkey “makes no sense”, EP and EPP senior official tells CNA Opening further EU accession chapters doesn’t make any sense while the situation in Turkey continues... Read more

  • How Cyprus Joined The Eurozone — Apr 14, 2017

    Information on Cyprus adopting the Euro Kalavasos Village Photo © On 1 January 2008 the Republic of Cyprus joined the eurosystem and in so doing introduced the euro as its official currency, replacing the Cyprus pound as the unit o... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 13, 2017

    Kakopetria Village Photo © 13 April 2017 1. Cyprus cannot be reunified through threats and blackmail, President says Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has said that Cyprus cannot be reunified through the use of threats or blackmail, adding that ... Read more

  • Cyprus Municipalities — Apr 13, 2017

    Information on Cyprus Municipalities Kakopetria Village Photo © The establishment and operation of municipalities in Cyprus is governed by the Municipal Law, approved in October 1985 (N. 111/85) to replace existing legisla... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 12, 2017

    Kakopetria Village Photo © 12 April 2017 1. President hopes convergences in new round of talks to lead to a Cyprus settlement Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades expressed hope that the new round of talks will lead to con... Read more

  • Bus Service To Larnaka And Paphos Airports In Cyprus — Apr 11, 2017

    Information on the bus service from Limassol to Larnaka and Paphos Airports Limassol Airport Express Photo © There is a cost effective way to travel between Limassol and the two airports in Cyprus, Larnaka and Paphos. The Limassol Airport Express o... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 10, 2017

    Gourri Village Photo © 10 April 2017 1. Cyprus condemns attacks against Coptic churches in Egypt The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the terrorist attacks against the Copti... Read more

  • Cyprus Local District Administration Offices — Apr 10, 2017

    Information on Cyprus administration and where to locate local offices in Cyprus Limassol Photo © For administrative purposes Cyprus is divided into six administrative districts: Nicosia, Limassol, Pafos, Larnaka (in the government-controlled areas... Read more

  • Cyprus Community Councils — Apr 09, 2017

    Information on Cyprus Community Councils Gourri Village Photo © The functions of communities are generally similar to those of municipalities, although structurally different. The residents of the community elect the President o... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 08, 2017

    Giolou Village Photo © 08 April 2017 1. President takes part in Southern EU Countries Summit, briefs leaders on Cyprus talks President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades leaves Sunday for Madrid, Spain, where he will participat... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 07, 2017

    Giolou Village Photo © 07 April 2017 1. Cyprus condemns chemical attack in Syria The use of chemical weapons amounts to a war crime and perpetrators should be held accountable, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Repub... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 06, 2017

    Gerasa Village Photo © 06 April 2017 1. Cyprus signs series of drilling contracts with energy giants Exploratory drilling is set to take place in block 11 of Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the first two weeks of... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 05, 2017

    Gerasa Village Photo © 05 April 2017 1. Cyprus peace talks resume on April 11, UN announce Talks for a Cyprus solution will resume on April 11, the Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, ... Read more

  • Tips For British Expats In Cyprus When Involved In A Car Accident — Apr 05, 2017

    Information on procedures when involved in a car accident in Cyprus Gerasa Village Photo © There are many people who have chosen to make Cyprus their new home. The reasons vary from the climate, food, villages, people, security, cost of li... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 04, 2017

    Galata Village Photo © 04 April 20171. Missing persons aspect has special position in Cyprus talks, says President Anastasiades The subject matter of the missing persons will hold a special position in the context of the n... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 03, 2017

    Fikardou Village Photo © 03 April 2017 1. UN to continue interaction with the leaders to help resume Cyprus peace talks The UN has issued a new corrected version of the "Joint Statement by the Greek Cypriot leader Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and the Tu... Read more

  • Importing And Registering Vintage Cars In Cyprus — Apr 02, 2017

    Information on importing and registering vintage cars into Cyprus Gaz Volga Bella Photo © 1. Definition «Old vehicle» means a motor vehicle, the specifications of which are consistent with those set by the International Technical Co... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 02, 2017

    Fikardou Village Photo © 02 April 2017 1. President says talks need to resume based on proposals that benefit Cypriots and not the interests of third parties President Nicos Anastasiades has said that what needs to be decided during Sunday’s... Read more

  • Importing A Car Into Cyprus Temporarily — Apr 01, 2017

    Information on importing a car temporarily into Cyprus Gaz Volga Bella Photo © 1. In general If you are bringing your motor vehicle from another member state of the European Union (EU) in order to use it temporarily in the Republic of ... Read more

  • Cyprus News — Apr 01, 2017

    Farmakas Village Photo © 01 April 20171. President expects social dinner to pave way for resumption of talks I expect that during the social dinner of Sunday we will have the opportunity to have a resumption of the Cyprus negotiations, President of... Read more

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