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Villages Of Cyprus - Asprogia Village

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Information on Asprogia Village

Asprogia Village                                      Photo ©

Asprogia Village is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Pano Panagia, Mamountali, Statos - Agios Fotios, Kannaviou and Lapithiou Villages.

The village is built at an average height of 500 metres above sea level, which allows for a cool climate during the long hot Cyprus summer months, and a mild climate during the short Cyprus winter months. The location of the village in the southwest area of the Troodos Mountains, has panoramamic views of the valley below and the Asprogia - Kannaviou Dam.

There are two popular legends as to how Aspogia Village acquired it's name. The first was the white mineral found in the area, Aspro means white in Greek. The second legend, and the more believable, was from the original name of the village, Aspro Panagia, which in Greek means, White Virgin, a reference to Mary, the mother of God.

The village had developed skills working with the local forests. The logging of trees made the villagers skilled craftsmen in making tools, carvings and furniture from the local wood. The forest also provided fuel for heating during the winter months. The village was also involved in iron ore mining, which artefacts found in the area can cofirm.

Asprogia Village was a mixed village of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants. The Ottoman period saw the Turkish Cypriot residents in the majority but during the British rule, the Greek Cypriot residents were in the majority. The Turkish Cypriot residents left the village during 1963 and 1964. The village residents are now Greek Cypriots.

There is a section of the village where many Turkish Cypriot refugees lived when their original village, which was located  further in the Troodos Mountains, was devastated in an earthquake. The emergency temporary homes built by the British now lay in ruins after the Turkish Cypriots left the village.

The population of the village fluctuated over time, with the peak reaching 250 registered residents in 1960. The official census of 2001 recorded a total of 53 registered residents, with the total today showing a large increase to around 100 registered residents.

The Agios Epiphanios (Saint Epiphanios) Church is located in the village square, and dominates the village. The church was built in 1723.

The cave of Agios Sozon is to be found nearby the village, where legend states the saint became a martyr.

The Asprogia Village Mosque lies just outside the village, by the road that leads into the village. The mosque is well maintained and has excellent views of the forests and valley below, as well as the Asprogia - Kannaviou Dam.

Asprogia Village                                      Photo ©

Asprogia Village                                      Photo ©

Asprogia Village                                      Photo ©

Asprogia Village                                      Photo ©

Agios Epiphanios Church In Asprogia Village                      Photo ©

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