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Villages Of Cyprus - Eledio Village

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Information on Eledio Village

Eledio Village                                                        Photo ©

Eledio Village is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus.

The village lies close to Axylou, Amargeti, Episkopi, Nata and Pentalia Villages.

Eledio Village was originally located 1.5 Kilometres to the north of it's present location. The original location of the village suffered a destructive earthquake in 1953, which forced the villagers to move the village to it's present location.

Eledio Village                                                        Photo ©

The original village dates back to the Venetian period and remains of the early settlement are still visible, such as the remains of a watermill the villagers used to grind their wheat in order to produce the flour used to produce their bread.

The present location of the village was chosen to be close to the Ezousa River, which gave the villagers a regular supply of water for consumption and to irrigate their crops and livestock.

Eledio Village                                                        Photo ©

There are many versions as to how the village acquired it' s name, with the most relevant being due to the abundance of olive trees in the area. The area became known as "Eliado Chorio" (Olive Village), which changed over time to the name Eledio Village.

Eledio Village                                                        Photo ©

The present population of the village is around 40 people and as usual in Cyprus villages, the village population increases at the weekends, public holidays and the summer holidays.

Eledio Village                                                        Photo ©

Eledio Village has a panoramic view point on the hill next to the new Agia Irini Church. The view point enables visitors to see the surrounding areas of the and there is a map showing the locations of the various villages and places of interest to be found in the area.

Agia Irini Church                                                     Photo ©

The original Agia Irini Church was built in the old village in the 18th century. The present Agia Irini Church, was built in 1954.





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