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Villages Of Cyprus - Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village

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Information on Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village                           Photo ©

Agios Theodoros Village is located in the Pitsilias region of the Limassol District of Cyprus.

The village lies close to Agros, Alona, Agios Ioannis and Kato Mylos villages.

Church Of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Of The Ark In Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village  Photo ©

There are a few more villages in Cyprus with the name Agios Theodoros, therefore the residents of the village use two names to differentiate from the other villages. The name of Agios Theodoros Agrou Village is used, due to the fact that it is close to the larger neighbouring village of Agros. The more widely used of the two names is Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village, which is taken from the location of the village in the Pitsilias region of Cyprus.

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village                           Photo ©

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village is surrounded by seven hills and at one time, a church was built on each of the seven hills.

The village is built at a height of 1150 metres above sea level. The altitude provides a cool climate during the hot Cyprus summers, but also has a very cold climate in the winter.

The village dates back to the Byzantine era and legend states, that the village acquired it's name through honouring the Saint Agios Theodoros.

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village                           Photo ©

The hills surrounding the village were not ideal for agriculture, so the villagers cut into the slopes to make large plateaus, or flatlands, to be able to grow their crops, mainly vineyards. The village prospered from the grape production, which was used to make wine and the local Cypriot Zivania drink. The surplus grapes were used to make soutzoukos and palouze, with the remainder either sold or used for local consumption.

Zivania production is still thriving in the village, with many village homes having a Zivania distillery.

The vineyards make a spectacular sight from the village, along with the large array of old stone walls supporting the flatlands. The stone walls were not the only method for supporting the land, empty oil drums filled with earth were also used. The lines of oil drums, with their different colours, offer a colourful contrast to the large green areas around the village.

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village                           Photo ©

The population of Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village had dwindled to around 30 permanent residents, who are mainly elderly, as the younger residents have left the village to seek work and education elsewhere. The village comes to life at the weekends, with village festivals and during the holidays, when family and friends visit.

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Village                           Photo ©

The dwindling population has had an adverse effect on the maintenance of the vineyards, and these are now slowly being cleared away with trees being planted in their place. The trees are adding to the natural beauty of area and the forests are helping to restore the natural environment and landscape.



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