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Villages Of Cyprus - Amargeti Village

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Information on Amargeti Village, which is situated in the Paphos District of Cyprus

Amargeti Village Community Council                                 Photo ©

Amargeti village is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Eledio, Axylou, Agia Marina and Episkopi villages.

The village acquired it's name, according to one of the legends, from the name of the wife of one of the Frankish feudal lords, who ruled the village during the Frankish occupation period. The name Amargeti was a popular female name at the time.

Amargeti Village                                                 Photo ©

Amargeti village was a mixed Greek and Turkish Cypriot village until around 1960, when the Turkish Cypriot population moved out of the village. The village residents continued to be comprised mainly of Greek Cypriots until recent times, when the village residents now comprise of many more nationalities. The current population consists of around 350 people.

Amargeti Village                                                 Photo ©

The close proximity of Paphos, the nearest city, is a draw for much of the youth of the village, where they commute to find employment or continue with their further education. The many villagers from Amargeti who reside in Paphos and the surrounding areas, visit at the weekends, summer holidays and the festivals held throughout the year, and this is when the village comes alive.

Amargeti village is built at an average height of nearly 400 metres above sea level, and lies in a small valley. The village has two rivers nearby, the Ezousa river and the Xeropotamos river. The two rivers were the main water supply for the village, used for consumption purposes and for the irrigation of their crops.

Amargeti Village                                                 Photo ©

Amargeti village is well known for it's wine production, with many of the residents engaged in the cultivation of vineyards, a practise passed down from generation to generation. The grapes produced are mainly processed into wine and the production of Zivania, the local Cypriot alcoholic drink. A small amount of grapes are sold, with any surplus used for local consumption.

The village also has many olive trees, with the olives processed into olive oil and for local consumption. The fruit trees in the area consist mainly of peach trees, pear trees and apple trees. The majority of the crop is sold for consumption, with a small amount made into the sweet traditional Cyprus preserved fruits.

Zoodochos Pigi Church in Amargeti Village                                      Photo ©

The main church of Zoodochos Pigi dominates the village and may be found just off the main village square. The name of the church relates to the flow of spring water, which gives life to people and the surrounding nature. The church dates back to the 19th century and is built in the traditional style of the period.

Zivania Distillery at the Amargeti Village Folklore Museum                    Photo ©

The Amargeti Folklore Museum may be found just off the village square. The museum is housed in the old renovated Turkish Cypriot school. The exhibits on display show how the villagers went about their daily lives with many exhibits from the various local tradesmen on display. The majority of the exhibits were donated by the local residents of Amargeti Village. Visitors may also see some of the exhibits on display by walking around the outside grounds of the museum.

Amargeti Village Folkloric Art Museum



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