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Villages Of Cyprus - Kouka Village

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Information on Kouka Village, which is located in the Limassol District of Cyprus

Kouka Village Community Council Building                              Photo ©

Kouka Village is located in the Limassol District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Pera Pedi, Silikou, Moniatis and Trimiklini Villages.

Kouka Village                                                                 Photo ©

Kouka Village acquired it's name, according to legend, from the leader of the fiefdom of the village. He braided his hair and became known as Kokas, which in Greek means braided hair. People who mentioned the village, mentioned it as the village of Kokas, which slowly changed over time to Kouka Village, as it is known today.

The village is built at a height of 740 metres above sea level, which means it is an ideal height for the cultivation of vines. The many vineyards, which surround the village, are one of the features of the village.

Kouka Village                                                                 Photo ©

Kouka Village lies in the Limassol wine producing area, and was earlier very active in the production of wine. It was a home based industry, with many homes producing the wine in the Pithari Clay Wine Vats. The village later sent it's wine to the Pera Pedi wineries. Zivania was also produced in the village homes. The village also has many olive trees, which produce olives for consumption and olive oil.

Kouka Village                                                                 Photo ©

Kouka Village has a permanent population of just 10 people, which makes the village one of the least populated villages in Cyprus. The village, as with most villages in Cyprus, comes alive at the weekends, during festivals and the summer holidays. The height of the village means that in winter, it escapes the severe cold mountain winter weather, and in summer the fresh air is a welcome relief from the hot humid weather found in the coastal regions.

Monastery Of Timios Stavros In Kouka Village                            Photo ©

Kouka Village has an interesting religious past. Saint Helena, as part of her crusade in the Holy Land, ordered the Holy Cross to be sawn into pieces, and ordered all the particles to be collected, including the sawdust, so she could take the remains of the Holy Cross to Rome. On her way back to Rome, she stopped off in Cyprus and deposited some parts of the Holy Cross in villages and monasteris across the island, namely Tochni and Omodos Villages.

Kouka Village also received parts of the Holy Cross, and the remains are kept in The Monastery Of Timios Stavros, which was founded in the year 327 AD. The monastery lies in the centre of the village and dominates the area with it's splendid architecture.

Kouka Village                                                                 Photo ©

The Mukhtar (Community Leader) is very active in promoting the village, and is taking a keen interest in promoting the village to local Cypriots, and to tourists to visit and sample the charm and tranquility of the village. He is also aiming to attract more residents as Limassol and Platres are only a short distance away, thus making it attractive to commute. The low village property prices compare favourably with the property prices in larger towns and cities.

Pictures Of Kouka Village

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