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Villages Of Cyprus - Alampra Village

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Information on Alambra Village

Alampra Village                                                              Photo ©

Alampra Village, also known as Alambra village and Alhambra village, lies in the Nicosia District of Cyprus. The village is situated close to Nisou, Pera Chorio and Agia Varvara villages.

Alampra Village                                                              Photo ©

Legend has it that the village acquired its name due to a large fire in a nearby village called Desis at the time. The Desis villagers ran to ask for help from the villagers, and also visited the Agia Marina church, to ask the saint Agia Marina for help.

Alampra Village                                                              Photo ©

The cry for help from the Desis villagers was shouted out with the words "Alambra", "Alambra", which meant fire. The fire was put out with the help of the villagers and much praise was also given to Agia Marina, whom the villagers believed sent the help to put out the fire.

The Desis villagers came to call the village Alambra, to which the village name Alampra is now known today.

Alampra Village                                                          Photo ©

Alampra Village has a population of around 1,600 residents, with the majority of the residents working and studying in the nearby city of Nicosia. There is some local agricultural activity, mainly involved in olive products.

Alampra Village                                                              Photo ©

The Agia Marina church is situated in the centre of the village, and this is also where the old quarter of the village may be found. The area has many old stone village houses, and while many are being restored, the restorations have been kept in the style of the old village architecture. There are also many ruins which have been abandoned by their owners, and in some cases the owners cannot be traced be traced, so remain in disrepair.

Alampra Village                                                       Photo ©

Alampra Village is also well known for the nearby Idalion Ancient City, which is situated close by. The city was founded in the 8th century BC and was mainly involved in the copper trade. The manufacturing of copper products was moved to another site, which evolved into the town now known in modern times as Dali. The archaeological remains clearly show the lifestyle of the residents of that time.

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