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Villages Of Cyprus - Mathikoloni Village

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Information on Mathikoloni Village

Mathikoloni Village                                                                  Photo ©

The abandoned village of Mathikoni is situated in the Limassol District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Apsiou, Fasoula and Spitali villages.

The village was built onto a section of the mountain which had deep water rivers running below the surface. The village suffered from landslides with the earth shaking in and around the village and the ground opening up frequently.

Mathikoloni Village                                                                  Photo ©

In 1950, the British government, Cyprus was still a British colony at the time, compensated the villagers and offered to buy much of the land in and around the village. The offer was accepted by many of the villagers.

The villagers reamained at the original site, but the severity and frequency of the problems made continuing to live in the village very unsafe. The solution was to move the village to another location.

Mathikoloni Village                                                            Photo ©

In 1970, the Cyprus government stepped in and offered to help any villagers who wished to move to a nearby safer location further up the mountain. The Cyprus government donated land to each village home owner, and also helped financially with very low interest loans, to help them in their new location.

The villagers began to relocate, but some of the villagers refused to accept the help of the Cyprus government, and moved much further up the mountain, as they felt much safer there. The Cyprus government did not own land further up the mountain, so these villagers had to purchase land to build their new homes.

Mathikoloni Village                                                                  Photo ©

The village is now split into three parts , the old Mathikoloni Village, which now lays in ruins, the Kato Mathikoloni Village, where the Cyprus government helped villagers to the new location and Pano Mathikoloni Village, where other villagers have purchased their own land to build their new homes.

The village, in it's two parts has around 200 residents, with most of the villagers employed in the surrounding villages and Limassol, which is also nearby.

Mathikoloni Village                                                        Photo ©

Mathikoloni village has many carob and olive trees and the products from these, such as olives and oil, and are sold in the local markets and markets in Limassol.

Mathikoloni Village                                                                  Photo ©

The rainfall in Cyprus in recent years has been very low, a far cry from earlier years, and this has had a positive effect for Mathikoloni Village. The original site for the village, has now seen new homes being built, as the danger from landslides and the earth shaking has fallen dramatically. There are also new modern methods to build homes in such difficult terrain.  



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