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Villages Of Cyprus - Giolou Village

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Information on Giolou Village

Giolou Village                                                  Photo ©

Giolou Village, also know as Yiolou Village, is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Theletra, Miliou, Loukrounou and Stroumpi Villages.

Giolou Village                                                  Photo ©

The village is built at an average height of 325 metres above sea level. The height of the village offers visitors magnificent views of Chrysochou Bay, near Polis, and the Akamas Nature Park.

Giolou Village                                                 Photo ©

The population of Giolou Village was recorded at 737 permanent residents, and this has increased in later years, to slightly over 800 permanent residents.

The village name is believed to have acquired it's name from the fief land owner in the region, during the Frankish occupation of Cyprus.

Agia Irini Church in Giolou Village                          Photo ©

The main church of the village is the newly built Panagia Chryseleousa Church (The Virgin Of Golden Tenderness), which dominates the village from the village square. The older church lies close to the road leading into the village. The new church was built due to the expansion of the population of the village over the years.

The other churches to be found in the village are Agios Georgios, Agios Marcos, Agia Irini, Agios Arkadios, Agios Nepios and Profitis Elias.

Giolou Village                                                  Photo ©

Giolou Village has a long history associated with wine. The many vineyards surrounding the village, which are still much in evidence today, enabled the village to prosper as a wine producing village. The height of the village and the regular water supply enabled the vineyards to thrive. The majority of the grapes were processed into wine, as well as the local Cypriot Zivania alcoholic drink. The surplus grapes were either sold, used for local sweets such as Soutzouko and Palouze or for local consumption.

Giolou Village                                                  Photo ©

Giolou Village has a local flour mill which was established over one hundred years ago and still produces flour and grain for the village, the surrounding villages and even as far as the cities of Paphos and Poils. The flour mill is open and working 24 hours a day, as it has been from the early days of operation.

Panagia Chryseleousa Church in Giolou Village                   Photo ©

Agios Markos Church In Giolou Village                                   Photo ©

Giolou Village Bakery                                           Photo ©

Giolou Village Bakery

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