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Villages Of Cyprus - Avdimou Village

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Information on Avdimou Village

Avdimou Village                                                Photo ©

Avdimou village is located in the Limassol District of Cyprus. The village is also partly situated in the British Overseas Territory of Dhekelia and Akrotirii, also known as the British Sovereign Base Areas.

The village lies close to Anogyra, Agios Thomas, Prastio, Paramali and Pissouri villages.

The majority of the village was inhabited by Turkish Cypriot residents until 1974, but following the invasion of the island by Turkey in that year, the resident left the village and travelled to the nearby Akrotiri British Armed Forces base. The residents were later relocated to North Cyprus.

The Avdimou Village Mosque lies at the centre of the village and is well maintained.

The population of Avdimou village is around 580 people, with most of the residents being Greek Cypriot refugees from 42 villages in North Cyprus.

Avdimou Village operates a volunteer community centre, with a nursery school and also where the volunteers hold activities for the local senior citizens. The activities include making handicrafts, art classes and cooking local Cypriot dishes. The community centre operates as a non profit organisation. The community centre is open from November till May.

The community centre also provides a meals on wheels service, providing hot meals for senior citizens in Avdimou Village and in  8 surrounding villages. The community service also provides a cleaning service for the senior citizens. The cost of the meals and cleaning service is paid for by the senior citizens at cost price.

The Avdimou Village Health Centre is located by the main road leading to Pachna Village. The health centre was opened in 1977 and patients with minor injuries may receive treatment. Patients with more serious injuries are transferred by ambulance to the new Limassol General Hospital. other facilities include a doctor's surgery, a dentist and a new born baby health control programme.

Avdimou village is well known for it's annual Dolmades festival, usually held in July. The village celebrates the festival by cooking a Dolmada 7 metres long, a record, and rolled in sultana vine leaves.

Avdimou Beach lies a short distance away, a long sandy and pebble beach with restaurant facilities during the summer season. Avdimou Beach is also a protected turtle beach, where the turtles make their annual trek to come ashore and lay their eggs.

Avdimou Village                                                Photo ©

Avdimou Village                                                Photo ©

Avdimou Village                                              Photo ©

Avdimou Village Mosque                                                 Photo ©

Avdimou Village                                            Photo ©

Avdimou Beach Church                                          Photo ©



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