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Villages Of Cyprus - Palaichori Village

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Information on Palaichori Village 

Palaichori Village                                                 Photo ©

Palaichori Village lies in the Pitsilia Region of the Troodos Mountains. The village lies close to Apiliki, Askas, Fterikoudi, Farmakas and Kampi Villages.

Palaichori Village is situated within the authority of the Nicosia District of Cyprus.

The village is built at an average height of 925 metres above sea level, which offers a mild climate during the summer months, but bears the brunt of the cold weather in the winter months. The location of the village was chosen along the slopes of the mountains in order to help protect the village from extreme weather conditions and was easier to defend from attack.

Palaichori Village                                                Photo ©

Palaichori - Kampi Dam



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