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Villages Of Cyprus - Odou Village

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Information on Odou Village

Odou Village                                                     Photo ©

Odou Village is located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus and lies close to Ora, Kampi, Farmakas and Melini Villages.

The village acquired it's name from the main road built by the Romans, which began in the Amathus area on the south coast near Limassol, to the ancient city kingdom of Tamassos, near Politiko in the Nicosia region of Cyprus. The Greek word for road is "Odos" and over the years the village became known as Odou Village.

The main church of the village is the Agia Marina Church, which was built in 1775 and is located in the village centre.

Odou Village is built at a height of 850 metres above sea level, which provides a refreshing cool climate during the long hot Cyprus summers. The winter period can be quite cold with snow falling.

The height of the village and the close proximity to the Troodos Mountains meant the village always has an ample and regular supply of water.

The climate and the regular supply of water meant Odou Village was able to thrive, and over the years built a reputation as producing high quality tomatoes and vies with the vineyards as the main income source of the village. The village also has many olive trees used in the production of olive oil and a variety of fruit trees.

The population of Odou Village has 300 registered permanent residents and the village has managed to keep it's population steady, unlike many other Cyprus villages, which have seen many of it's residents leave.

Agia Marina Church In Odou Village                             Photo ©

Odou Village                                                   Photo ©

Odou Village                                                 Photo ©

Odou Village                                                     Photo ©

Odou Village                                                     Photo ©

Odou Village                                                     Photo ©

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