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Villages Of Cyprus - Korakou Village

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Information on Korakou Village

Korakou Village                                                                   Photo ©

Korakou Village is situated in the Soleas region of the Nicosia District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Evrychou, Temvria and Flasou villages.

The village is built at an average height of 400 metres above sea level, providing an ideal climate to escape the stifling humidity during the long hot Cyprus summer months and to have a very mild winter period. The village is built along the banks of the Karkotis River.

The village has a long history dating back to the Frankish rule, and legend states that the village acquired it's name from a king named Korakas who reigned at the time.

Korakou Village was a mixed village at one time consisting of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot residents. The village residents now consist of Greek Cypriots, following the departure of the Turkish Cypriot residents. The village has many Greek Cypriot refugees displaced mainly from the Morphou area.

The population of Korakou Village has fluctuated over the years due to varying reasons. The village population reached it's height in 1976 when 700 permanent residents were recorded. The official census of 2001 recorded a total of 500 permanent residents, and the population remains about the same today.

Korakou Village has three churches which are of historic importance. The Panagia Eleoussa Church, which was built in the 18th century, the Apostle Loucas Church, which was built in 1697 and the Agios Mamas Church, which was built in the 17th century.

The village has a display of 3 old water mills and 2 old olive mills, which reflects the use the villagers made of the abundance of the water from the Karkotis River. The village was mainly a farming village in it's early years, cultivating crops and rearing livestock. The local forests also provided wood for the villagers who became skilled wood craftsmen, making tools and furniture.

Korakou Village                                                                  Photo ©

Korakou Village                                                                 Photo ©

Agios Mamas Church in Korakou Village                                     Photo ©

Korakou Village                                                                 Photo ©

Korakou Village                                                                 Photo ©



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