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Tsiknopempti In Limassol, Cyprus

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Information on the Tsiknopempti Festival held in Limassol, Cyprus

Tsiknopempti Festival in Limassol, Cyprus      Photo ©

The eagerly awaited Tsiknopempti festival in Limassol, marks the official start to the annual Limassol Carnival.

Tsiknopempti is liberally translated from the Greek language as "Stinky Thursday". It is also known as Mardi Gras in other countries. The Thursday before carnival begins, people are allowed to feast on as much meat as they wish, as the fasting during the Lent period leading up to Easter begins soon after.

The tradition of cooking the meat is on a charcoal bbq. The smell of burning charcoal and the meat cooking covers the whole of Limassol. In the gardens of many houses you will see the souvla, kebabs and other meats, cooking on a bbq or foukou, the traditional Cyprus spit.

People living in apartments who have no garden, just place a bbq or foukou on their balcony and join in the festivities. The streets are also lined with many bbq's and foukou's, with tavernas, shops, cafes, bars and anybody else that wishes to join in, contributing to this grand, city wide festival.

Tsiknopempti Festival In Limassol, Cyprus         Photo ©

The best place to enjoy Tsiknopempti in Limassol is to head off to the Old Town. There visitors will see all the narrow streets lined with people busy cooking their meat, and enjoying the carnival atmosphere.

Tsiknopempti is just not about cooking the meat over charcoal, it  also marks the start of the Limassol Carnival, and this is the time when people traditionally begin to wear their carnival costumes. There is live traditional music, along with carnival music.

The whole of Limassol Old Town turns into one large street party, with lot's of dancing in the streets and everybody just having a great time, children and adults alike.

Tsiknopempti Festival In Limassol, Cyprus           Photo ©

The festivities during the day continue into the late evening, with many Tsiknopempti events and parties in the restaurants, bars and clubs.

Tsiknopempti attracts many thousands of visitors from all over Cyprus and from many countries around the world. Tsiknopempti is one of the biggest annual street festivals held in Limassol and probably the whole of Cyprus too.



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