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Villages Of Cyprus - Kedares Village

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Information on Kedares Village

Kedares Village is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus

Kedares Village                                                              Photo ©

Kedares Village lies 550 metres above sea level.

Kedares Village Kafenion (Coffee Shop)                            Photo ©

The village lies close to Kidasi, Praitori, Agios Nikolaos and Filousa villages

Kedares Village                                                              Photo ©

Kedares Village was once a mixed village with both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants. Today the village consists of mainly Greek Cypriot inhabitants and currently has a population of 30 people.

The Church Of Saint Antonios (Saint Anthony) In Kedares Village   Photo ©

Kedares Village was once located a few kilometres from the current location. The original village, which was called Kato Kedares Village, was abandoned due to the cholera outbreak, which spread to many villages in the area. The villagers burnt the original village to prevent the disease from spreading and moved to the current location.

Kedares Village                                                              Photo ©

Old Winery in Kedares Village                                                    Photo ©

Kedares Village was a prosperous village, with many vines, olive and almond trees. The vines produced grapes, which were used for consumption, also used for the production of wine and Zivania.There is an old abandoned winery in the village, with the old pithari clay wine vats still intact.

The olives were used for consumption and the production of olive oil. Today, the village only produces a small amount of fruit, due to the small number of villagers currently living in the village.



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