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Villages Of Cyprus - Letymbou Village

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Information on Letymbou Village

Letymbou Village                                                    Photo ©

Letymbou Village, like many other Cyprus villages, is also known by other names, and the village is also known as Letympou or Latymvou. The name use usually depends where the person comes from, local or not etc.  The most popular name for the village, and most commonly used, is Letymbou Village.

Letymbou Village                                                    Photo ©

Letymbou Village lies in the Paphos District of Cyprus and is close by to Lemona, Pittargou, Kourdaka, Polemi and Kallepia villages.

The village peaks at a height of nearly 400 metres above sea level and is built either side on the banks of the Ezousas river.

Letymbou Village                                                    Photo ©

The current population of Letymbou Village is around 500 people, with many people from Paphos and Limassol having a holiday home in the village. Paphos is only a short distance away which makes it easy for the village residents to commute for work and administration matters.

Legend states that the village acquired it's name from the Greek word "Tomb", as a few tombs were found in the area dating back to the 9th century. Letymbou Village was the prominent village in the area and there is documentation that there were a total of 14 churches in and around the village area.

Letymbou Village                                               Photo ©

The village survived through the ages as an agricultural village, and this is still the main source income for the village. The low height of the village allows the villagers to grow vines, with most of the grapes finding their way to the SODAP and Tsangerides Wineries nearby.

Letymbou Village                                                    Photo ©

The village also has many olive trees, with much of the olive production being turned into olive oil. There is also has a large variety of citrus and fruit trees cultivated.

Agrotourism is a growing industry in the village and some of the local residents have also turned their hands to making the local bread and halloumi, which is highly rated.

Church of Saint Kirikos and Saint Ioulitis           Photo ©

Letymbou Village also lays claim to having one of the oldest churches in Cyprus, the Church of Saint Kirikos and Saint Ioulitis. The church dates back to the 12th century and has outstanding architectural features. The many earthquakes in the Paphos region earlier have damaged some of the interior, but most of the original features have remained intact.



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