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Villages Of Cyprus - Kalavasos Village

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Information on Kalavasos Village

Kalavasos Village                                                                         Photo ©

Kalavasos Village is situated in the Larnaka District of Cyprus and is built to a low height of 90 metres above sea level. The village is close to Pentakomo, Tochni, Asgata and Choirokoitia villages.

Kalavasos Village                                                                         Photo ©

Kalavasos Village has been inhabited for many centuries and legend dictates that the village acquired it's name from the Greek word "Vasa" which translates to mean a large forested valley with lot's of green vegetation.

Kalavasos Village                                                                         Photo ©

The village prospered through the years because of an ample water supply from the nearby Vasilikos River, which meant the village had a regular supply of food, mainly crops and vegetables. The village also prospered from the nearby copper mines.

Kalavasos Village                                                                       Photo ©

The village square dominates the village and the many narrow winding streets that lead off the square are where visitors will see the old stone village houses, many of which have been restored to a high standard and blend well with the local traditional architecture.

Kalavasos Village                                                                         Photo ©

The Panagia Titiotissa church, which was built in 1878 is also be found in the main square, as well as the Turkish Mosque, whose features have been restored to their original condition.

Kalavasos Village has the archaeological Neolithic Tenta settlement nearby, which helps to trace the early origins of the village.

The Kalavasos Dam, which is a rockfill dam and built in 1985 is nearby, which supplies water for the village and also provides water for the irrigation of crops.

The village produces an abundance of citrus fruits, pears, apples and is also involved in olive and carob products.

Kalavasos Village                                                                   Photo ©

The population of Kalavasos Village is approaching nearly one thousand people, with many of the inhabitants involved in farming and agrotourism, as well as commuting daily to Larnaka for work.

Kalavasos Dam



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