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Villages Of Cyprus - Galata Village

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Information on Galata Village

Galata Village Kafenion                                                               Photo ©

Galata Village is situated in the Solea Valley section of the Troodos Mountains and lies under the authority of the Nicosia District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Kakopetria and Sinaoros villages.

The village is built along the banks of the Kargotis River, with it's steep green banks reaching high into the Troodos Mountains.

Agios Nikolaos Church in Galata Village                                         Photo ©

The village is built at an altitude of only 650 metres above sea level, which enables the village to have a mild climate throughout the year. Galata Village, with the help of the mild climate, has become one of the most productive fruit producing villages in the area.

Galata Village Museum of Folkloric Art                                                 Photo ©

Galata Village has a Museum of Folklore where the history of the village may be seen with various old machinery, clothes, furniture, tools and a working weaving loom.

Galata Village holds a very special festival each year, the Galata Bread Making Festival, and is held each September. The villagers gather together and display the various traditional bread and cakes they bake in the village, along with stalls producing fresh bread and cakes in the traditional methods. The festival also has live music and traditional folk dancing.

Galata Village Museum Of Folkloric Art



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