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Villages Of Cyprus - Dierona Village

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Information on Dierona Village

Dierona Village                                    Photo ©

Dierona Village lies in the Pitsalia region of the Limassol District of Cyprus and is close to Arakapas, Eptagonia, Prastio and Kellaki villages. The village dates back to the Frankish colonial period.

Dierona Village was earlier referred to as Pano Dierona and Kato Dierona. The village remained as one, but was divided into two areas, according to the height of the houses built on the mountain slope.

The village is built at a height of 485 metres above sea level on a series of hills, which is a common feature in this mountainous region. The height of the village allows for a cool summer, with fresh mountain air, and for cold winters, with a high rainfall.

Dierona Village                                    Photo ©

Dierona Village has a reservoir to collect water for the inhabitants use and for irrigation purposes. The earthfill reservoir was built in 1984 and has a plastic membrane lining. The reservoir is built to a height of 24 metres and has a capacity of 159,000 cubic metres.

Dierona Village                                    Photo ©

The population has declined over the years and there are now only around 325 inhabitants permanently living in the village. There are also a number of people who own weekend and summer homes in the village, therefore the village has many visitors at the weekends, festivals and the summer holidays.

Dierona Village                                    Photo ©

The combination of the fertile soil, the reservoir and plentiful rainfall means that the village is able to continue the tradition of farming agricultural products. Dierona Village is famous for it's citrus fruits, especially mandarins, and they are to be found in many markets around the area and in Limassol.

Dierona Village                                                               Photo ©

The architecture of the village is still very traditional with the houses built in local stone and wood from the surrounding area. The houses have thick stone walls, wooden doors and windows and terracotta tiled roofs. The houses are closely built on the hills along narrow cobbled streets.

Dierona Village                                    Photo ©

The old village houses have their Kleftiko ovens and clay bread ovens in the gardens along with the grape vines covering them for shade from the hot summer sun.

The main village church of Archangel Michael is to be found in the centre of the village and is believed to have been built in 1895. The original Archangel Michael church was built on the outskirts of the village next to the village cemetery. The church has been abandoned for many years, but has recently received a donation of €100,000 from a Russian benefactor, and the church is being restored to it's formal glory.

The Dierona Bridge lies just outside the village and was built in 1820. The bridge was built to allow access to the village by enabling a crossing over the Yermasoyia River.

Dierona Village Community Park                                          Photo ©

Dierona Village                                    Photo ©

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