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Mavros Chrysos Carob Museum In Anogyra Village

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Information on the Mavros Chrysos Carob Museum and Factory in Anogyra Village

Mavros Chrysos Carob Museum In Anogyra Village              Photo ©

The carob trees surrounding Anogyra village have been harvested for hundreds of years, and this helped make Anogyra village one of the main carob centres of Cyprus.

Carobs are a natural source for minerals such as Vitamin A, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, Vitamin B and phosphorus. The sweet taste of carobs are a natural replacement for sugar, as it is constructed by almost 50% of natural sugar. This makes it a healthier substitute for use in bread, cakes and pastries etc. The added bonus is that the carob has almost 60% less calories than chocolate.

The Mavros Chrysos Carob Museum and Factory in Anogyra village gives visitors an insight into the history of the production of carob products, most notably Pastelli, a toffee made from carob syrup. The museum also has a factory next door which still produces carob products, and visitors are welcome to sample and purchase the various products.

Contact details

Mavros Chrysos Carob Museum

15 Oinopoieiou,

Anogyra 4603


Telephone (00357) 25 22 22 25

Opening hours

Summer 0900 - 1800 Daily

Winter 0900 - 1700 Daily

Times subject to change



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