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Villages Of Cyprus - Choulou Village

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Information on Choulou Village 

Choulou Village                               Photo ©

Choulou Village, also known as Khoulou Village, lies in the Paphos District of Cyprus near the villages of Lemona, Letymbou, Statos-Agios-Fotios and Kourdaka. The village is built at a height of 375 metres above seal level, which means the village has mild winters and is cool during the summer months.

Choulou Village Mosque                                Photo ©

Choulou Village was once a mixed village with Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants, but in recent years, the village only has Greek Cypriot inhabitants.

The village is situated in a mountainous area and the Ammati forest is to be found just outside the village. The position of the village meant that the surrounding land was very fertile, due to the high rainfall and the supply of water from the Ezousa River. The river has cut deep into the rock and this prompted the construction of the two stone arched bridges, which are still in good repair today.

Choulou Village                               Photo ©

The fertile land enabled the villagers to grow various kinds of citrus fruit, olives, almonds, carob, grain and grapes. Choulou Village once had 3 olive press mills, due to the large amount of olive production from the many olive trees growing around the village. The grapes were mainly used to produce wine, zivania, soutzoukos and palouze.

Choulou Village                               Photo ©

The population of Choulou village consists of 140 inhabitants, and they are mostly engaged in farming the local land and catering to the developing agrotourism services. Choulou village is becoming popular with both agrotourism and hikers. There are many old village houses and villas available to rent in the village to cater for these visitors.

Choulou Village                      Photo ©

Choulou village has numerous churches, namely the  Byzantine church of Saint George, the 8th century Saint Theodoros Church and the Church of Pantanassas. The village also has a well maintained mosque, which lies in the centre of the village.

Choulou Village                               Photo ©

Choulou village still has many old villages houses built in the traditional Cypriot style and many are still empty or abandoned. The gradual decline in the population of the village, which at one time numbered over a thousand people, has contributed in part to this. There is a programme to encourage people to return and reside in the village, which the local community council and returned emigrants are promoting, by way of holding cultural events based on the traditional customs of the village.

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