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Villages Of Cyprus - Choirokoitia Village

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Information on Choirokoitia Village

Choirokoitia Village                                      Photo ©

Choirokoitia Village is located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus and is close by to Tochni Village, Skarinou Village and Kalavasos Village.

Choirokoitia Village                                      Photo ©

The world famous UNESCO Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement lies next to the village, and has many visitors from all over the world, due to it's historic value. The reconstructed circular houses offer an insight to the way of life in this period.

Choirokoitia Village                                      Photo ©

The village dates back to the Frankish period and was an important administration centre for the Knights of St John. The village was involved in a famous battle in 1426, between the Frankish King Janus of Cyprus and the Saracens, also known as the Mamluks, who hailed from Egypt. The battle was won by the Mamluks and King Janus was taken prisoner and sent to Egypt.

Choirokoitia Village                                      Photo ©

The village has a population of 750 people and is ideally located for it's residents to commute to work in either Limassol or Larnaca, both cities being only a short drive away. The village also attracts people from the two cities who wish to own a second home. The village has an altitude of 210 metres above sea level, therefore a nice escape from the summer heat and humidity of Limassol and Larnaca.

Choirokoitia Village normally receives plenty of rain and this is ideal for growing grapes, fruit, vegetables and olives. The local winery is the destination for most of the locally grown grapes.

Choirokoitia Village                          Photo ©

There are many versions of how the village received it's name. The most likely version is how the Queen of Cyprus of the time was greeted. The words Chori Kitia were used to address the Queen and over time, the village became known as Choirokoitia Village.

Choirokoitia Village Kafenion                                       Photo ©

The village square is dominated by the Church of Iacovos Persis, which was built in the 19th Century. The village was dominated earlier by a large tower structure, but this was demolished by the Mamluks following their victory in the battle.

The village Kafenion, which is to be found in the square opposite the Church of Iacovos Persis, has an excellent display of portrait photographs from Greece taken in 1921.

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