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Villages Of Cyprus - Fikardou Village

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Information on Fikardou Village

Fikardou Village                      Photo ©

Fikardou village lies in the Nicosia District of Cyprus in the Pitsalia region of the Troodos Mountains. The village is one of the highest villages in Cyprus at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level.

The nearest villages are Lazania Village and Gourri Village, with the Machairas Monastery a short drive away.

Fikardou Village                      Photo ©

There are very few residents in the village, in fact it is almost deserted, but this medieval village is of  enormous historical value. The Cyprus Department of Antiquities declared the village an Ancient Monument in 1978, such is it's historical value.

Fikardou Village                      Photo ©

There are two historical village houses owned by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities which have been turned into museums. The House of Katsiniourou museum has artefacts from the village and The House of Achilleas Dimitri museum is a dedicated weavers workshop depicting the methods used to weaving cloth in the village.

Fikardou Village                    Photo ©

The Cyprus Department of Antiquities has carefully restored the old village houses, some of which date back to the origins of the village in AD 400, so visitors may experience the old village life and customs.

Church Of Apostles Saint Peter And Sain Paul In Fikardou Village   Photo ©

The historical Church of Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul lies at the entrance to the village. Leading off from the church are the old stone and mud brick village houses, with the winding cobbled streets and alleyways. Here you will see the traditional wooden beams across the entrance to the houses, the old wooden doors, windows and balconies.

Fikardou Village                      Photo ©

The village houses have the traditional Pithari clay wine vats in the gardens, along with the clay ovens which were used to make bread and the famous Cypriot Kleftiko lamb dish, which is still very popular today.



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