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Villages Of Cyprus - Agros Village

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Information on Agros Village

Agros Village                                              Photo ©

Agros Is situated in the Troodos Mountains, close by Pitsilia and lies at an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level, in the Valley of the Roses.

The village lies in the Limassol District of Cyprus. Agros has a small population of around 800 people.

The name for the village comes from Megalos Argos Monastery. The monastery was built after 40 monks from Kizikos in Asia Minor, fled their homes and arrived in the village to settle. They carried the icon of the Holy Mother with them and built the monastery as a new home for the icon.


The spectacular mountain views, surrounded by forests and the houses built on the side of the Troodos Mountains, offer visitors the experience of being in a true Cyprus mountain village.

Agros Village Rose Festival                                             Photo ©


Agros is known as the rose village. The whole village is just one large rose garden. The roses in Agros are of a very high quality and therefore the products made from the roses are unique to the village. A major source of income for the village is it's rosewater, made from the scent of the roses. The Damask Rose has been grown in the region for over a hundred years.

The annual Agros Rose Festival is one of the highlights of the village and is very popular, with people travelling from all over the island to visit. Visitors will be able to sample the local delights and enjoy the local entertainment which includes local folklore traditional dancing.

Village Traditional Products

Agros is also famous for producing syrup sweets, the main sweet being made from roses and Soutzoukos. The smoked meats, Chiromeni, Lountza and Sausages are also made the traditional way and are very much in demand.

There is a very large mineral water bottling plant located in Agros village, which bottles the local water flowing from the Troodos Mountains. It is one of the main employers of the village. The Agros bottled water brand may be found on sale throughout the island.

Agros Village                                                      Photo ©

In 2016, the European Commission approved the addition of rose preserve made in Agros on it's list of Protected Geographical Indication.

Agros Village                                              Photo ©



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