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Cyprus Markets - Farmers Market In Limassol

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Information on the Farmers Market in Limassol

Farmers Market in Limassol                  Photo ©

There is a very special market in Limassol favoured by the locals and it's the Farmers Market. This market has proved to be a huge success in the few years that it has been operating. The market is virtually unknown to the many Expats living in Limassol and elsewhere in Cyprus.

The location of the Farmers Market is in Panagioti Dimidous Street, just off Archbishop Leontiou A Street. The nearest landmark is the Old Limassol Hospital.

The Farmers Market opens each Saturday from as early as 0300 and finishes around 1500. There is parking in the side streets and being early will grab you the nearest spots to the market.

This truly amazing market is a typical farmers market, where the local farmers bring their produce straight from their farms, so you know you are purchasing real fresh produce. You will find a huge assortment of fruit, vegetables, cheese, herbs, dried smoked meats, olives, flowers, plants, local Cypriot preservative sweets and delicacies, and much more.

The Farmers Market is mostly visited by local Cypriots, you hardly see any foreign visitors, so you know it is a real local Cyprus market, not like the tourist traps you find in many places around Cyprus. The prices are very reasonable too.

The secret to the market is to slowly wander around first, see the produce on offer from the many stalls and to compare the quality and prices. The produce on offer is mostly priced, but if not, just ask the price and most of the stall holders speak English, so communication is not a problem.

 There is the usual hustle and bustle at the Farmers Market, stall holders calling out the price of their produce for instance, but things move along at a steady slow Cyprus pace, there is no rush, which also gives you time to enjoy the atmosphere. There is a traditional Cypriot Kafenion at the market, so you may enjoy a Cyprus coffee before or after shopping. There are toilet facilities next to the Kafenion, which are very clean and are free for the market visitors.

A little tip, like as in Rome..... There are many local Cypriots that take along a shopping trolley, the 2 wheel type. This makes it very handy to carry around the heavy produce and saves you having to keep returning to the car to drop off your purchases. A very clever idea.

If possible, take time to visit the market to sample this very special part of Limassol culture.



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