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Translation Services For Expats In Cyprus

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Information on translation services in Cyprus

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Expats moving to Cyprus will sooner or later have to deal with Cyprus administration matters. This may occur before moving to Cyprus, but most certainly when they have moved to Cyprus.

There will be procedures to follow whereby documents will have to be completed. There are some documents which are also available in English, but not many. The forms you may download from the Cyprus government websites are also mainly in Greek.

There are Expats that have learnt Greek, so are able to arrange their administration matters with ease. The majority of Expats on the other hand, have not learnt Greek, so must seek help to complete the forms.

The Cyprus Citizens Service Centres are a good place to try, contact details here, so are the Municipality District Offices. The majority of the time they will help Expats with the correct form(s) to complete and may help with completing the forms, but this is not always possible.

The Cyprus Press and Information Office (PIO) Translations Department, a Cyprus Government department, offers translation services for a variety of documents and offers translations for the following languages:

English, Arabic, Armenian, Albanian, Bulgarian, French, German, Georgian, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Sri-Lankan, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Czech, and Croatian into Greek. The translations are also offered vice versa.

The PIO will also translate the above languages into English and vice versa in cases.

Translations from Latvian and Chinese are only offered from and into English.

The PIO requests that you follow the procedures regarding documents required and payment.

1. The original document(s) plus 2 photocopies.

2. The fee must be pre paid either by cash or by cheque. The payment may be paid at office No 11 on the ground floor.

3. The PIO will accept translations delivered by courier services, provided all documentation and payments are in order. You may call for further information on 00357 22 80 11 42

4. There is an urgent translation service available. Please call the PIO for further information.

5. There are different offices dealing with certain countries. Details will be given to you when documents have been presented.

6. You may track your translation by quoting the language pair and the five digit number allocated to you by the PIO.

7. Other services which are available are the checking of translations and re issuing translated documents less than one year old. Please contact the PIO for information on fees.

8. The PIO translation services operate more translation services. You may contact the PIO for more information on these services and the fees payable.

The contact details for further information are listed below

Press and Information Office
Translation Section
Apellis Street,
1456 Nicosia

Tel 00357 22 80 11 17

The PIO is open to the public from Monday to Friday at 0800 - 1500

Document reception and delivery - Ground Floor offices number 11 and 18

Last Updated 04 September 2016

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