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Cyprus Education System - Education Of Children With Special Needs

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Information on Cyprus special needs education

As from September 2001, the Ministry of Education and Culture, has put into effect the Education and Training of Children with Special Needs Law 1999 [113(I)/1999], the Mechanisms for Early Detection of Children with Special Needs [185(I)2001] and the Regulations for Education and Training of Children with Special Needs [186(I)2001], which support the application of the Law.

The aforementioned Law is the legislative framework which regulates the detection of children with special educational needs; their assessment and the development of an individualized educational programme; their placement in the most appropriate educational setting with the provision of both teachers and educational resources to meet their needs; and for the ongoing evaluation of the child’s progress.

The Ministry of Education and Culture provides special educational services at all levels of education, (pre elementary, elementary, gymnasium (lower high school), lyceum (upper high school) and technical). In keeping with current philosophy the law ensures that the majority of children with special educational needs are educated within the mainstream classroom at their local school where special tuition in a resource room is provided for a specified period of the day.

For those children in pre-elementary and elementary settings this will be provided by special education teachers and/or speech pathologists. In high schools and Technical schools this is provided by specified subject teachers. Special emphasis is given to ensuring curriculum access with the use of assistive technology, changes to teaching and learning arrangements, classroom organisation, timetabling etc.

Special educational provision is also provided in Special Classes within mainstream schools. Special classes provide more intensive special education to a small number of pupils (up to 8) in a class whilst maintaining contact and integration with a specific reference class of the school.

Special education provision is also available in special schools. There are 9 special schools operating in Cyprus. 7 special schools for children with severe or multiple and profound difficulties, 1 school for the blind and 1 school for the deaf. Special schools have the appropriate staff (psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, physiotherapists and other specialists as well as auxiliary staff) in order to support and provide the essential means to ensure the meeting of a child’s special needs.

Special schools curriculum contains a major element of self-help and independence skills, social and emotional skills development, recreational skills, communication skills and vocational training. Most special schools are built within the bounds of a mainstream school and develop networks of contacts and joint activities with mainstream schools to minimize segregation. Special schools also have pre-vocational and vocational training programs designed to assist the transition from school to work or from school to other vocational training authorities.

When children with special needs, due to health or other problems, cannot attend school for a long period of time, education may be provided to them in places other than the public or special school i.e. Home Teaching.


Lefkosia District Committee

Committee’s Office
District Committee of Special Education
Lefkosia District Education Office
Kimonos and Thoukydidou Corner
1434 Lefkosia

Administrative officer
Telephone number: 22800885
Fax: 22305503

Secretarial staff
Natasa Tsaggara
Telephone number: 22800894
Fax: 22305503

Maria Stylianidou
Telephone number: 22800981

Lemesos District Committee

Committee’s Office
District Committee of Special Education
Lemesos District Education Office
King Konstantinos 131
Karatzis Court, 3rd floor, Apt. 31
3080 Lemesos

Post office box: 56061
3304 Lemesos

Administrative officer:
Georgia Panagiotou
Telephone number: 25822054

Secretarial staff
Xenia Sevastou Ioannou
Telephone number: 25822179
Fax: 25305673

Larnaka / Ammochostos District Committee

Committee’s Office
District Committee of Special Education
Larnaka / Ammochostos District Education Office
Eleftherias Avenue 65
Akinita Oikonomou, 1st floor
7102 Aradippou

Post office box: 45141
7111 Aradippou

Administrative officer
Ifigeneia Onisiforou
Telephone number: 24821371
Fax: 24813278

Secretarial staff
Christina Stavrou
Telephone number: 24821370
Fax: 24813278

Pafos District Committee

Committee’s Office
District Committee of Special Education
Neofytou Nikolaidi
New District Government Offices, Building D
8011 Pafos

Post office box: 60077
8100 Pafos

Administrative officer
Ifigeneia Onisiforou
Telephone number: 26804535
Fax: 26911527

Secretarial staff
Niki Vanna
Telephone number: 26804525

Source Ministry of Education and Culture

Last Updated 21 March 2016




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