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Cyprus Residency - Cyprus Residence Permit

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Information on when you must apply for a Cyprus Residence Permit

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The Cyprus Residence permit, must be applied for within 4 months of arrival in Cyprus. The date of arrival in Cyprus will determine the time factor.

Application must be made in person at the Civil Registry and Migration Department or the Immigration Branch of the Police. It is highly recommended to apply, as failure to do so will result in a fine.

The simplest way to obtain application forms is to download from the Ministry of Interior website. Application forms are also available at the Civil Registry and Migration Department or the Immigration Branch of the Police.

The application forms for European Union nationals, are known as form MEU1A here

The application forms for non European nationals who are members of European nationals family are, know as form MEU2A here

The application forms for the issue of a permanent registration certificate of Union citizen and his/her family members, are known as MEU3A here

Updates from the British High Commission In Cyprus 16 & 23 April 2012

The Republic of Cyprus has confirmed that they will no longer issue new ID cards to non Cypriot nationals.  We are urgently seeking written clarification on residency rules but in the meantime, if you hold an old brown alien card and/or a yellow slip without expiry date you need not take any action.  If you do not have any registration documents or have an out of date yellow slip you need to go to the nearest Immigration Office to register if you intend to stay in Cyprus permanently.  We do, however, advise British nationals to consider carrying a form of identification and their registration or residency papers with them.  In addition, we also remind you that ID cards are not valid for travel by British nationals. All those who wish to travel outside of the Republic of Cyprus should do so on their passport.

Following representation to the Ministry of the Interior (Department for Immigration), we have received written clarification on the issue of residency:

"Identity Cards are no longer issued to non Cypriot nationals, i.e. EU citizens or third country nationals legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus.

Persons of Cyprus origin (i.e. dual British/Cypriot nationals) are entitled to obtain an Identity Card only when they acquire Cypriot nationality by registering under the Civil Registry Law No 141(I)/2002.

Identity Cards, previously issued to non Cypriot nationals, were never a substitute for: a Temporary Residence Permit; a Certificate of Registration (MEU1); a Residence Card; a Certificate/Card of Permanent Residence (MEU3); or an Immigration Permit, which are the only documents ensuring the legal residence of non Cypriots in the Republic of Cyprus.

EU citizens need to register once to ensure their legal residence in the Republic of Cyprus in accordance with Article 39(2) of Law (L. 7(1)/2007) which was published in harmonization of EU Directive 38/2004.
All Residence Cards issued according to previous laws transposing other EU Directives are valid until their expiry date. On expiry, EU citizens should apply for a Registration Certificate in accordance with L.7(1)/2007.
EU nationals holding any form of Resident or Immigration Permit without an expiry date do not need to re-register or reapply for a Registration Certificate, provided that none of the cancellation reasons listed below are applicable:

According to Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations issued under the Aliens and Immigration Law (Cap. 105), a foreigner (an EU citizen or a third country national) can apply to obtain an Immigration Permit in the Republic. This permit will not be considered to be valid if the person concerned fails to acquire permanent residence in Cyprus within one year from the day of the approval of application. It will also be cancelled if the person acquires permanent residence in another country or be absent from Cyprus for a period of two years.

More detailed information on this issue is available in Greek and in English on the Immigration Department’s web page at, under the various categories of residence permits for EU and third country nationals".

Last Updated 29 June 2015




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