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Over 1,500 Year Old Tree In Apesia Village

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Information on the over 1,500 year old Terebinth tree in Apesia Village

The Apesia Terebinth Tree                    Photo ©

The Apesia Terebinth Tree, or to give it it's correct name of Pistacia Atlantica, has been recorded as the oldest tree in Cyprus.

The tree has been calculated to have an age of being over one thousand five hundred years old.

The statistics are as follows:

Girth - 6.80 Metres

Height - 10 Metres

Age - Over one thousand five hundred years old.

The locals call the tree "Tremithi" and it is looked after by the locals and the Cyprus Forestry Department.

The Apesia Terebinth Tree has a fruit, which begins as red, then turning into a bluish - green one it has ripened.

Apesia village is located on the Limassol to Troodos road. You take the B8 from Limassol, then turn off onto the F812.

The distance is aprox 25 Kilometres from Limassol and takes around 30 minutes.

Apesia Village

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